This Trump Impeachment Republican came unglued over a Hunter Biden laptop revelation

Joe Biden has worked with Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media to shut down any damaging information.

But more details about this unprecedented collusion are coming to light.

And now, one Trump Impeachment Republican has come unglued over this Hunter laptop revelation.

Republican California Congressman Darrell Issa just put the Biden-Big Tech-Media cartel on notice with a shocking statement.

The Hunter Biden laptop story was one of the most shocking moments of the 2020 election.

The laptop revealed a disturbing level of corruption by Hunter that implicated Joe.

After a late surprise in 2016 about Hillary ,the powers that be were bound and determined to keep it from happening again.

The Biden campaign called it “Russian misinformation” and the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech took it from there.

Big Tech censored the story and temporarily banned the New York Post who broke the story.

The corporate-controlled media went into overdrive to discredit it.

As a result, this bombshell was suppressed which helped to hand Biden a disputed victory.

A poll from the Media Research Center showed that 16% of voters who didn’t know about Hunter’s laptop would have changed their vote had they known about it.

This collusion between the Biden-Big Tech-Media cartel was unprecedented election interference to tip the scales to Democrats.

Now the New York Times, who tried to discredit the story, has reluctantly admitted that Hunter’s laptop is real.

Republican congressman Darrell Issa of California unloaded on this unprecedented collusion.

In a press release, he demanded a House investigation “into actions by technology companies, media organizations and political allies of the Democrat Party to censor media coverage and prevent public awareness of the numerous scandals of Hunter Biden.”

“We know for a fact that Big Tech, the mainstream media, and allies of the Democrat Party worked together in the last days of the 2020 election to censor fact-based journalism and shut down social media platforms to ensure that the public did not have access to the truth about the scandals involving Hunter Biden and the Biden family. This is the most consequential political scandal since Watergate, and it deserves an investigation no less robust and no less bipartisan,” Issa said.

“It is not acceptable for tech companies to claim their political censorship was a “mistake”, not acceptable for the mainstream media to authenticate what it termed disinformation and helped to shield from public view, and not acceptable for both to collude with Democrat partisans and work to impact an election. It’s time for the full truth to be told,” he continued.

Issa retired from Congress in 2018 when he found he was sure to lose in San Diego’s increasingly anti-Trump 49th District.

But much to Never-Trumpers’ dismay, the long-time Conservative was elected in 2020 in California’s 50th District and went on to be a key figure in Trump’s Impeachment defense.

Now, Issa serves on the powerful House Judiciary Committee with Jim Jordan.

With Republicans likely to retake control of the House after the midterms, Jordan would be leading that Committee.

Jordan and Issa would be able to open up a wide ranging investigation to get the bottom of the Hunter laptop story.

Republicans in both houses have promised aggressive investigations in Hunter.

Joe Biden’s problems with Hunter’s infamous laptop could just be beginning if Republicans retake control.

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