This top Trump target couldn’t embarrass themself more after this major no no

Donald Trump made it clear he doesn’t play.

Some didn’t believe him.

But this top Trump target couldn’t embarrass themself more after this major no no. 

Donald Trump had a simple statement when RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger announced he wouldn’t seek reelection. 

“2 down, 8 to go!” Trump said in a brief statement from his Save America leadership PAC, at the time, referring to the RINOS who voted for his impeachment.

Since Kinzinger isn’t running for reelection, he’s revealed the full measure of his neocon, America Last self, as a member of Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 Committee, and now, as an unhinged mouthpiece for the forever wars Deep State crowd.

Kinzinger has put the latter on full display in the Ukraine crisis, doing exactly what Democrats and Never Trumpers always accuse Conservatives of after they used questions about the 2020 election and the January 6th riot and COVID as a pretext for their “misinformation” jihad. 

For over a year, Democrats and their media allies have been warning about the danger of misinformation and how it undermines democracy.

And now, neocon turncoat Adam Kinzinger is irresponsibly spreading war propaganda at a time when good information is essential.

Kinzinger tweeted a photo of a young child holding a stuffed animal while another child saluted a Ukrainian tank.

The only problem is that the photo was from 2016.

Kinzinger, whose Twitter bio includes the phrase “Aggressively calling out conspiracy theories,” also tweeted a photo of the “Ghost of Kyiv.”

The so-called Ghost of Kyiv is a supposed air ace who shot down six Russian fighter jets.

Thus far, there is zero real evidence that the Ghost of Kyiv exists.

But the Ghost most certainly is not comedian Sam Hyde, whose face often gets photoshopped into memes to troll people.

And Kinzinger fell for it.

There was a video floating around that allegedly showed The Ghost shooting down a fighter jet, but the clip was from a video game.

From Politifact:

“A Ukrainian pilot nicknamed the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ is rumored to have shot down several Russian aircraft. It is unclear if such a pilot exists. A 22-second video that social media users suggested might show the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ shooting down a Russian plane is a simulation that was created in a video game.”

Kinzinger should particularly be ashamed of himself after all of his bluster about misinformation that supposedly led to January 6th.

He even wrote in a New York Times op-ed to cover up his turncoat acts that, “we need to restore some trust in this country, and that requires a full investigation of what happened and how the insurrection was able to take place. That’s the goal. We need the facts.”

People also need the facts about what’s going on in Ukraine, not photos from six years ago and photoshops of comedians.

Kinzinger also wrote in his op-ed, “I urge all of my colleagues — as well as the American people — to unplug the rage machine and see this situation through clear eyes.”

He should take his own advice instead of spreading war propaganda on social media.

All of Kinzinger’s sucking up to the Left did him no good.

Democrats in Illinois gerrymandered his district into a heavy blue area, which forced him not to seek re-election.

Sadly, that may mean Kinzinger has more time to spread war propaganda, probably as a CNN consultant.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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