This top Conservative went on Rush Limbaugh’s old show and he’s furious after what happened to his interview

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton replaced Rush Limbaugh in his old radio slot on many stations last year.

The duo had big shoes to fill. 

But this top Conservative went on Rush Limbaugh’s old show and now he’s furious after what happened to his interview.

Rush Limbaugh replacements Clay Travis and Buck Sexton have been some of the fiercest fighters against Fauci’s totalitarian policies.

In a recent episode of their Clay and Buck show, they brought top Conservative Senator and frequent Fauci foe Rand Paul on for an interview.

But after the segment, Paul is surely furious.

The discussion covered natural immunity, vaccines and other topics censored by Big Tech and frowned on by Fauci.

Paul predicted Fauci would retire after the election and that all his records would be subpoenaed to get to the bottom of where the virus came from.

Like all big interviews on their show, they uploaded a clip of the interview to YouTube.

YouTube refused to upload the video to their page and gave them a strike which banned them from their account for seven days.

Censoring someone before a video is even on their site is a new low for YouTube.

The Fauci prediction could have brought the hammer down from his Big Tech protectors. 

Clay Travis blasted the move on Twitter saying, “YouTube has refused to post our @clayandbuck interview with @RandPaul. Think about this for a moment: YouTube is disallowing a doctor and sitting US senator’s interview to be shared. This is madness.”

“Regardless of what you think of @RandPaul’s opinions, he is one of 100 democratically elected senators. It’s the very antithesis of democracy to not allow American voters to hear the opinions of their elected officials. YouTube should be ashamed,” he added.

Fortunately, the interview was uploaded to the free speech competitor to YouTube, Rumble.

This is the latest in YouTube’s censorship war against Paul.

They’ve consistently censored his videos on COVID for standing up against Fauci even though he’s a doctor by training.

Anthony Fauci knows he has Big Tech in his back pocket.

With the criticism growing against him it’s his ace in the hole.

And Big Tech just handed Fauci a massive win with this underhanded move against Rand Paul.

Fed up with YouTube’s heavy-handed censorship, he announced that he was abandoning the platform to move over to Rumble full time.

With YouTube’s insane COVID censorship, conservatives need to look to free speech competitors like Rumble to break through Big Tech’s censorship.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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