This top conservative journalist was silenced by Big Tech for a bone-chilling reason

The Democrat Media Complex is pushing for a disturbing level of censorship.

Donald Trump’s ouster from social media was the canary in the coalmine.

Now this top conservative journalist was silenced by Big Tech for a bone-chilling reason.

The Democrats are becoming more fascist by the minute.

Large corporations seem perfectly happy imposing the wishes of the Democrat Party onto anyone who opposes them, including the President of the United States.

Trump’s banishment from social media even alarmed constant critics of his – if Big Tech can silence the President, then they can silence anybody.

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin is the latest to run afoul of the Big Tech oligarchs who are serving as gatekeepers for the Left.

Malkin had on women who opposed COVID-19 vaccination mandates on religious and philosophical grounds, and the video was blocked on YouTube.

Malkin then tried to post a link on Twitter to a backup version of the video on YouTube competitor Bitchute, but Twitter blocked it.

So YouTube – which is owned by Google – blocked a video because it was counter-narrative on COVID, then Twitter blocked the video that linked to YouTube’s rival.

This is Big Tech collusion, and it’s nightmarish.

Twitter competitor Parler suffered a similar fate.

The platform was banished from Apple and Google’s app stores, then Amazon pulled its web hosting.

Parler was accused of failing to regulate organization for the Capitol Hill riot, but the FBI confirmed that the riot was largely planned on Facebook.

But Facebook is part of the Democrat Media Complex club, so the rules are different for them.

So-called “fringe figures” on the Right were first banned from social media, but now Trump and credible journalists like Malkin are being censored.

Soon all conservative platforms will be under the thumb of the Left if they rely solely on the Left’s infrastructure.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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