This top comedian flung a truth rocket over the border straight into the heart of wokestan

The entertainment industry has long pushed a left-wing agenda down the throats of viewers. 

In recent years the “Social Justice” advocacy has become rampant and blatant. 

But this top comedian just flung a truth rocket over the border straight into the heart of wokestan. 

Top comedian and podcaster Tim Dillon believes that the woke trend may be coming to an end, and all because of one fundamental reason. 

The rise and fall and return of Netflix

Not long ago, Netflix ruled the entertainment roost. 

And when the pandemic hit, the streaming service experienced record numbers. 

With record numbers of eyeballs on its products, Netflix went into overdrive pushing a woke agenda on its viewers. 

Documentaries pushing Democrat heroes and policy positions, original movies catering more to inclusion than plot, and series sexualizing elementary school girls. 

Netflix then began censoring the negative feedback of its leftist positions.

When Chuck Schumer’s niece and alleged comedian Amy Schumer delivered a “brave and beautiful” stand up special that almost entirely consisted of jokes about her private parts, viewers practically broke the dislike button. 

So, Netflix got rid of it so the Democrat-endorsing Schumer could save face. 

But as the saying goes, “get woke, go broke.” 

Viewers started cutting the proverbial Netflix cord in droves. 

The boycott showed up in Netflix’s bottom line, leading to two straight devastating quarterly reports – including one where the service lost more subscribers than it gained for the first time in its history. 

On the heels of missed projects, the higher ups at the streaming service knew changes had to come. 

First, it laid off hundreds of employees. 

Then it nixed multiple planned releases for woke content from creators like Ibram X. Kendi and Meghan Markle. 

They stood up for Dave Chappelle’s first amendment rights and gave Ricky Gervais a special.

When staff grumbled about the two stand-up specials, the president of the company told his workers if they didn’t like the new direction, they were welcome to leave. 

And another comedian who has a brand-new comedy special on the streaming service believes we may be seeing the end of blatantly woke content coming out of Netflix and the rest of Hollywood. 

No more Democrat propaganda masquerading as entertainment

Comedian Tim Dillon has tens of thousands of paid podcast subscribers, earning him about $220,000 per month. 

Netflix wanted to capitalize on the stand-up’s loyal fanbase and offered him a special, Tim Dillon: A Real Hero. 

Recently, on his podcast, while plugging his special, Dillion said he was surprised that Netflix didn’t give him a list of rules or things not to say. 

And according to Dillion – who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and didn’t vote in 2020 citing his dislike of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden – the reason is simple economics. 

“The streamers … they’re all broke,” Dillon said. “They’re losing a lot of money. I didn’t get any notes on that [Netflix] special … I think it’s gonna go the other way, where people are like, ‘We gotta make money.’ These are all businesses. These guys all have mortgages. People forgot about that. They’re like, ‘oh, we can just win Emmys and have articles written about how great we are.’ Eventually, something’s gotta make money and something’s gotta be good.” 

And Dillion thinks this new idea of creating content with interesting plots and compelling characters, politics be damned, may be the nail in the coffin of Democrat propaganda disguised as entertainment. 

“Making just woke garbage might be over, and people are like, ‘let’s make things that are good,’” Dillon said.

Dillon made the comments while interviewing fellow comedian, Robert Kelly. 

Kelly perhaps put it best when he summed up by noting, “funny always wins in the end.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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