This supposed online fact-checking organization is overlooking one disturbing media lie

The corporate-controlled press is getting bolder with its dishonesty.

Legacy outlets will push false narratives so long as they further the goals of the establishment.

Now one supposed fact-checking organization is overlooking a disturbing media lie.

The Democrats and their comrades in the corporate-controlled media pushed the disgusting lie that border patrol agents mounted on horses whipped Haitian migrants as they were traveling back and forth across the border with restaurant takeout food.

The story was thoroughly debunked, but that didn’t stop the “objective” fact-checking organization NewsGuard – which is partnered with Microsoft – from looking the other way when outlets refused to correct the record.

Breitbart reports:

NewsGuard, the establishment “news rating” project that claims to fight untrustworthy media outlets, continues to give its seal of approval to establishment media outlets, including the New York Times, that spread the hoax story that mounted border patrol agents used whips against Haitian migrants. Both the New York Times and Axios have corrected the bogus “whipping” claim, but it continues to be repeated by establishment media outlets including Reuters, Business Insider, and Yahoo News.

Axios corrected the story, but the correction never gets anywhere near the reach of the original scandalous headline.

In addition to quiet corrections, legacy outlets also stealth-edit old articles.

The Washington Post has been caught multiple times doing this, most recently when they edited a Kamala Harris quote where she joked about prisoners that she had locked up as attorney general of California.

A NewsGuard representative said:

“We’re keeping a close eye on this story, as we typically do whenever there’s a disputed story that is covered widely by news sources, to see how different sources apply their practices for correcting or clarifying errors, or fail to do so . . . If a site publishes a demonstrably false claim and fails to correct it, and especially if that failure is part of a larger pattern of failing to correct errors, that absolutely would impact their rating from NewsGuard.”

While NewsGuard is “keeping a close eye” on the story, conservative-leaning sites continue to get hammered by the supposedly independent organization.

Right-wing sites often get dinged for blurring news and opinion, but conservatives sites are up front with their political leanings.

The New York Times constantly weaves opinion into its straight news, but doesn’t get docked for such behavior.

The NewsGuard rep added that the organization will continue to “assess exactly what claim the publication[s] made, whether it is demonstrably false, and whether it was clarified in a transparent manner, and if not, whether the failure to do so is part of any larger pattern.”

Legacy media outlets have a long history of printing fake news, but everyone is supposed to trust them without a hint of skepticism.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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