This Soros-backed Attorney General is trying to take out Trump supporters with one disgusting move

George Soros set about fundamentally transforming America by weaponizing the criminal justice system.

Soros pumped millions into buying the army of criminal prosecutors who are now beholden to him across the country.

And now this Soros-backed Attorney General is trying to take out Trump supporters with one disgusting move.

The 2020 election saw the left use the pandemic as an excuse to push mass mail voting and break down election security.

In the closely-contested state of Michigan, Trump supporters were incensed with how the election was carried out.

As a result, when it came time for the state’s 16 Electoral College delegates to cast their votes, a group of Republicans made a symbolic stand against Biden winning the state.

A group of 16 Republicans signed documents proclaiming that Trump won the state’s delegates.

They sent out the documents proclaiming Trump the winner to the four bodies that are supposed to receive Electoral College documentation: Vice-President Mike Pence, the Michigan Secretary of State, the National Archivist and the chief judge of the western district of Michigan.

Although a contentious move, it would normally be ignored by the powers that be.

However, Michigan’s radical left-wing Attorney General Dana Nessel has different plans.

She’s threatening to charge the group with fraud for what she says is falsely claiming to be the state’s electors. 

Nessel claims the effort was a “conspiracy” and that there’s “absolutely” enough evidence to charge them.

She hasn’t pursued charges yet against the group because she says she wants the Biden Justice Department to target them.

“Seemingly there’s a conspiracy that occurred between multiple states. So if what your ultimate goal is, is not just to prosecute these 16 individuals, but to find out who put them up to this, is this part of a bigger conspiracy at play in order to undermine the legitimate results of the 2020 presidential election, not just in Michigan but nationally?,” Nessel said in a press conference.

“I feel confident we have enough evidence to charge if we decide to pursue that. Again, I want to make it clear, I haven’t ruled it out,” she added.

Michigan GOP spokesman Gustavo Portela said, “Dana Nessel is playing political games with people’s lives and livelihoods for the sake of scoring political points ahead of an election.”

Portela is right but that’s not the half of it. 

This is the same power-mad Democrat Attorney General who admitted to arresting a Michigan woman who had the audacity to go on Tucker Carlson during the Democrat governors’ lockdowns.

Dana Nessel is drunk on power. 


Nessel claims that she has a six year statute of limitations on the charges against the group of Trump supporters and is fine with waiting to drop the hammer.

This is clearly a political attempt to use the legal system to intimidate Trump supporters.

It follows the federal effort of using the sham January 6th commission as an excuse to launch a political witch hunt.

With Democrats failing across the country in actually governing, more tricks like this could be in the works as the 2022 midterm draws closer.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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