This shocking stat about the border crisis was the last thing Joe Biden needed

The Biden administration has been a disaster on multiple fronts.

But Joe Biden’s handling of illegal immigration might be his biggest failure.

And one shocking stat proves the border crisis is out of control.

On day one of his presidency, Joe Biden reversed Donald Trump’s successful immigration policies.

The consequence has been record-high numbers of migrants flowing across the southern border.

While pro-mass immigration activists might like that development, they can’t turn a blind eye to the abject suffering.

More people are dying on the trek north.

From The Daily Wire:

“[E]xperts believe 2020 was the deadliest year in the history of the southern border — until this year. Last year, Border Patrol agents found the remains of 253 people near the U.S.-Mexico border. This year through July, agents have already discovered 383 people — a 151% increase….Officials gave several reasons for the spike in the death toll. The sheer number of people making the dangerous journey has increased dramatically during 2021, especially since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.”

The rhetoric coming from Biden and the Democrats serves as a magnet for migrants.

They hear politicians promising them jobs and healthcare, and they embark on the incredibly perilous journey across the southern border.

The Daily Wire further reported that “Every month of the Biden-Harris administration has seen an increase in the number of illegal immigrants, reaching historic levels. Some 212,672 people attempted to enter the U.S. illegally in July 2021, the second-highest number in U.S. history behind March 2000, when agents apprehended 220,063 illegal immigrants. In all, there have been a total of 1,331,822 encounters with illegal immigrants this fiscal year, which started in October 2020. The sheer increase in numbers means more people will die.”

Not only is Democrat rhetoric leading to more death, their policies are overwhelming border officials and local governments.

They simply do not have the resources or capacity to handle large swaths of people flooding into the country.

Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy for asylum seekers greatly diminished the number of fraudulent asylum claims.

The Biden administration reversed that order, if for no other reason than to rapidly increase the number of illegal aliens entering America.

Worse yet, the Biden administration is flying migrants into the interior of the country in hopes of expanding Democrats’ voter base in red states.

Biden and the Democrats aren’t trying to curtail the immigration crisis; they’re intentionally trying to exacerbate it.

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