This school district in Arizona faced immense backlash after trying to survey students about these private matters

Americans’ privacy seems to be quickly disappearing.

The Left is on a mission to invade every citizen’s personal life by any means necessary.

And this school district in Arizona faced immense backlash after trying to survey students about these private matters.

One thing every parent knows is that kids can be brutally honest.

Given the opportunity and the proper setting, many kids will readily divulge things their parents would prefer remained behind closed doors.

And if pressured by someone the child views as an authority figure, like a teacher or principal, there is no doubt most of them will cough up whatever information that adult is looking for.

But one Arizona school district learned quickly how seriously most families take privacy after parents were asked to consent to their children being questioned about a number of sensitive subjects.

The school district sent home a form with each child asking parents to consent to a series of questions about income, illegal activity, and gun ownership.

The uproar from the parents was quick and fierce.

In a quick 180, the school district claimed the form hadn’t been adequately vetted and that such private information would never be asked.

However, the damage had already been done, and once again, parents are seeing how government schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers for the Left.

According to a parent who uploaded the form to social media, the form asked for this information because the school was doing an “emotional health and wellness screening” of each child.

Again, government schools are attempting to take on the role of the parent and control how the children think and act.

Arizona state law requires schools to get parental consent before asking students about a laundry list of sensitive topics.

The topics this school district wanted to cover with each student were so sensitive that they were protected by law.

The only reason a school should be seeking information that is sensitive about a child is if they believe the child is in danger, but that was not the case in this instance.

This is the way the Left plans to build incriminating files against those they believe are extremists like law-abiding gun owners, vaccine choice supporters, Republican Party members, and anyone else who might believe in the crazy idea that the United States Constitution is the law of the land.

There is no doubt that the motive behind this supposed “wellness check” was bad and that the school district was going to use it to target families who don’t support their leftist agenda.

Parents need to wake up and realize that these government schools are brainwashing their children.

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