This Republican Congressman says the coronavirus is part of a much larger Communist Chinese plot

The mystery surrounding COVID, its origin, and how it ended up causing such chaos worldwide continues to be a hot topic.

Given Dr. Fauci’s lies and unwillingness to explain to Americans what really happened, many are left to speculate the motive behind the virus’s release.

And this Republican Congressman says the coronavirus is part of a much larger Communist Chinese plot.

Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama says that China is actively seeking to use biological weapons to achieve victory over western opponents.

Brooks believes COVID is part of an unrestricted Chinese military bioweapons program.

The Congressman recently released information from a report done by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a medical doctor, Ph.D. virologist, and renowned independent coronavirus expert.

Dr. Yan bravely defected from Communist China to America after learning about the Wuhan bio-weapons program.

According to Congressman Brooks, the evidence is overwhelming that the Chinese “negligently, recklessly, or intentionally released COVID-19 on the world.”

“Moreover, China engaged in a massive disinformation and propaganda campaign to cover up their misdeeds,” Brooks stated.

Dr. Yan’s report stated that Communist China does indeed seek to “develop a race-based bio-weapon that targets and eliminates some human races while leaving other human races unharmed.”

“COVID-19 is a part of a larger, more comprehensive unrestricted bioweapons program of the Chinese military,” Yan stated.

Of course, Dr. Yan’s bravery comes at a cost as the Chinese are definitely out to silence her for leaking all of their secrets.

Dr. Yan “confirms that the (COVID-19) virus is not from nature and that the Chinese made up the nature-origin evidence and coerced the international academic world into spreading a false narrative.”

People have talked for years about the Chinese government’s plot to take out the world through bio-weapons, but it now appears closer than ever before, and with Joe Biden, at the helm, the U.S. is definitely in trouble.

America’s foreign relations have been in the toilet since Biden took office and his own son has ties with the Chinese Communist Party. There is no way this plays well for the U.S.

Dr. Yan encourages leaders worldwide to ensure Communist China’s potential remaining bio-weapons can be secured and destroyed.

These are scary times, and the absolute submission by the American people to the demands put on them during COVID only adds to the fear that the country is ripe for an attack.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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