This reporter fired over vaccine mandates dropped a bombshell about one frightening tactic Biden’s Covid cult deployed to silence her

Joe Biden’s policies have done significant harm to people’s lives.

His handling of the pandemic ranks near the top of the list of his bungled catastrophes.

Now, a reporter fired over vaccine mandates dropped a bombshell about the frightening tactics Biden’s Covid cult deployed to silence her.

ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams was forced to leave her job of over a decade because of the vaccine requirement the sports channel’s parent company Disney imposed as a condition of her employment, following the Biden administration’s mandate.

Williams had been working throughout the pandemic before there was even a vaccine, and she’d already had COVID and recovered.

But she was still being coerced into getting the jab.

Williams and her husband were planning on having a second child and her doctor advised her not to get the vaccine, so she was no longer able to be employed by ESPN.

Many people sent Williams private messages of support online, and she just revealed that she never got many of them until several months later.

During an interview with Dan Dakich on Outkick, Williams said:

“I was on my Instagram and all of a sudden I had all these messages from when my announcement came out about leaving ESPN back in October. And they were all of a sudden in my top requests. And I’m like, “‘How did I miss these?’”

Censorship of direct messages is a terrifying escalation in the battle over free speech.

Before the 2020 general election, Twitter users were not able to share the New York Post’s Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell via direct messages, so Big Tech is at the very least monitoring private communications algorithmically. 

Williams continued:

“These were from prominent people, people known well throughout our business, internationally, people who had upwards of 500,000 followers, were verified and had messaged me messages of support, and I never saw them.”

The establishment censors want people to believe that they’re all alone in their frustration with the COVID regime.

But there are millions of Americans who oppose the pandemic hysterica.

Williams added:

“And I thought, oh, well…maybe it was something weird with my account settings or something bizarre—and there were several [messages]. And in there were women in our industry who reached out and were like, ‘Allison, I got this against my better instinct. I did not want to get this injection, but I love my job. As you know…these jobs are hard to get…so I got it. And now I’m at a fertility specialist, and they can’t figure out what’s going on with my ovaries. Tell me there isn’t a connection.”

The insane push to get everyone vaccinated no matter what is unconscionable.

And censorship of private direct messages because of political positions or even just words of support for someone making private health decisions is a terrifying escalation in the battle over free speech.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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