This prominent libertarian is suing Facebook over what they did to him

Big Tech censorship is accelerating at a frightening pace.

Not even factual data can be used as a defense by people who’ve been censored.

And one prominent libertarian is suing Facebook over what they did to him.

Former Fox Business host John Stossel is suing Facebook after the site erroneously fact-checked two of his YouTube videos, causing viewership to plummet.

Stossel won multiple Emmys as an investigative journalist for ABC News who went after corrupt businesses and pushed for more government regulation.

When Stossel realized government regulation itself was the problem and became a libertarian, he was literally shunned in the hallways by his colleagues.

Now Stossel makes popular YouTube videos spreading liberty, but Facebook is messing with his livelihood.

Variety reports:

“Former TV journalist John Stossel is demanding at least $2 million in damages from Facebook in a lawsuit he filed against the social media giant, alleging the company defamed him by appending fact-checking labels to two videos he posted about climate change . . . According to Stossel’s lawsuit, in the past year he posted two short video reports on Facebook in which he ‘interviewed experts in the climate change arena.’”

Climate change has become a sacred cow to the Left.

Anyone who questions the orthodoxy of apocalyptic climate change unless the government is allowed to have full control of the economy is labeled a “denier” and branded with a scarlet letter.

Variety added:

“The lawsuit alleges that ‘Stossel was given no meaningful avenue to contest these unilateral decisions about the truth of his journalism. Meanwhile, his viewership plummeted due to both Facebook’s censorship and the reputational harm caused by the false labels.’”

“Fact-checking” is the latest frontier for the establishment Left to control the narrative.

Left-wing fact-checking organizations like Snopes and Politifact do nothing more than buttress whichever claims leftists make.

A recent Associated Press fact check labeled “false” the claim that Joe Biden checked his watch multiple times during a transfer ceremony for Marines who died in Afghanistan.

After several gold star families confirmed the story, the AP changed their fact check to “missing context.”

This is the dirty game the Left plays.

Stossel is falling victim to that right now.

He didn’t host the “correct” experts, so his videos get a derogatory fact check.

According to the establishment, there is only one correct position on the climate, and Stossel’s lawsuit against Facebook proves it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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