This media watchdog company just got exposed as a source of Fake News

Donald Trump exposed the depth of corporate press corruption.

But the rot runs deeper than people think.

And a media watchdog company just got exposed as a source of fake news.

Public trust in the media has collapsed.

Now the corporate press is attempting to bolster its sagging legitimacy with third party fact-checking and watchdog organizations.

But these supposed guardrails are being exposed as fraudulent, too.

News rating outfit NewsGuard was supposed to give the public a rundown on which sites were trustworthy and which ones weren’t.

However, like everything else the Left touches, it fell apart.For example, NewsGuard continues to give Rolling Stone a favorable rating despite several catastrophic errors.

From Breitbart:

“NewsGuard, the establishment ‘news rating’ project that claims to fight untrustworthy media outlets, continues to give its seal of approval to Rolling Stone, a partisan leftist magazine that hasrepeatedly fallen for high profile hoaxes. The co-CEO of NewsGuard, Steven Brill, told BreitbartNews that the organization is reviewing its categorization of Rolling Stone in light of the magazine’s latest failure, its republication of unverified claims of an Oklahoma doctor who said hospitals in the state were overflowing due to ivermectin overdose cases.”

Generally, left-leaning sites get positive reviews, and right-wing sites get downgraded.

For example, conservative sites don’t hide the ball regarding their ideological bent, yet they still get knocked for not differentiating between news and opinion.But legacy media institutions have been blurring the line between news and opinion for years.

Breitbart continued, “However, as of today, Rolling Stone continues to receive a ‘green’ stamp of approval from NewsGuard, as do establishment media that uncritically repeated its reporting, including The Hill, the BBC, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.”

NewsGuard partnered with Microsoft, so that should be an indicator of its political bent.

Fact-checking sites like Snopes and PolitiFact have the same problem as NewsGuard; in an attempt to give legacy media legitimacy, they’ve done the opposite.

Trust in the news has reached an all-time low because journalists are ideological, but pretend to be objective.

Readers are more aware than ever they’re being lied to, and they don’t like it.

No ‘green’ rating on a website is going to fix that problem.

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