This legendary Hollywood director says woke people are destroying comedy

One of the casualties of the Left’s war on free speech has been comedy. 

No longer is a joke allowed to be told if it could potentially offend any of the “oppressed communities.” 

Now one legendary comedic director is standing up against woke culture and fighting for the right to laugh. 

Cancel Culture coming for comedy 

Mel Brooks is widely considered one of the funniest men in history. 

Brooks has been quoted as saying, “tragedy is what happens to me, comedy is what happens to you.”

Prolific American author, Mark Twain, is quoted as saying, “Humor is tragedy plus time.” 

What both men are saying is, comedy comes from pain. 

It’s no wonder the Cancel Culture mob is getting Twain books removed from libraries across the country. 

But without pain there is no comedy. 

And in woke culture, there is no room for pain – especially not to anyone who belongs in one of the Left’s protected classes of, “oppressed communities.” 

Now the director of some of the funniest movies of all times is speaking out about how the Left is killing comedy. 

Punchlines replaced with applause lines 

David Zucker has directed such massive hits like, Airplane, the Naked Gun series and the Scary Movie series. 

He even dipped his toe into the political comedy waters with 2008’s An American Carol – which 83-minutes of making fun of Leftist faux-documentarian, Michael Moore. 

However, movie audiences haven’t seen much from Zucker as of late, and he’s now speaking out about why in an interview with Prager U. 

Zucker told the story of when a studio gave the comedy legend “notes” suggesting his proposed James Bond spoof crossed the line into “sexism” territory. 

According to Zucker, the script called for a female spy to mention needing a breast reduction in order to fit into her Kevlar vest.

“It was pure oatmeal, so mild,” Zucker recalled. “I thought, ‘if this was the criteria for it, we’re in big trouble.’”

For Zucker, the politically correct suggestion revealed a larger cultural truth – punch lines have been replaced with applause lines. 

The Left’s slapstick routine leaves no on laughing 

And Zucker wants no part of it.

“They’re destroying comedy because of 9% of the people who don’t have a sense of humor,” Zucker said.

Back in his hay day, when movies were funny, Zucker said the gloves were off. 

“We could be as offensive as we liked … we went where the laughs were,” Zucker said of his early days. “We never worried about any of this stuff with the ‘Naked Guns’ or even the ‘Scary Movies.’”

Later in the interview, the Prager U host asked Zucker if he could make Airplane today.

“Sure,” Zucker said. “Just without the jokes.”

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