This leaked Biden spy memo has freedom-loving Americans up in arms

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It almost goes without saying that today’s federal government is more bloated than ever before. 

Today’s federal government unapologetically has the potential to monitor nearly everything you buy, say, or do.

Now this leaked Biden spy memo has freedom-loving Americans up in arms. 

Americans threatened as overwhelming surveillance capabilities have turned inward on citizens

In 2013, former National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden, revealed that the agency collects and compiles massive amounts of information about American citizens. 

These whistleblower claims created a crisis within the federal government, as millions of American citizens grew even more suspicious over what the federal government has access to. 

The NSA has not properly addressed these disturbing allegations and is instead more interested in punishing Edward Snowden and other whistle-blowers. 

As it stands, the NSA seems to be operating on a largely business-as-usual basis, but a recent memo shows how top brass at the agency are working to improve morale within their ranks. 

When addressing their SIGNIT, or signals intelligence division, officials told employees that, “In recognition that SIGINT activities must take into account that all persons should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or wherever they might reside.”

Or in a nutshell, please continue to spy on people without a warrant, but do it with a smile. 

According to the agency’s website, “SIGINT is intelligence derived from electronic signals and systems used by foreign targets, such as communications systems, radars, and weapons systems that provides a vital window for our nation into foreign adversaries’ capabilities, actions, and intentions.”

It adds,Our SIGINT mission is specifically limited to gathering information about international terrorists and foreign powers, organizations, or persons.”

Players within the Biden administration’s national security state appear very worried about treating foreign powers and terrorists with dignity and respect as they spy on them.

And that leaves critics asking what about the law-abiding American citizens who’ve had their personal communications compromised for reasons that have nothing to do with national security. 

Many individuals believe this program could be used to target American citizens both domestically and abroad, causing widespread mistrust. 

Another symptom of America’s bloated federal government or behind the swelling? 

For decades, much of America’s spying was conducted by the United States Military services and a small collection of federal agencies. 

However, with the rise of digital media, America’s electronic surveillance infrastructure has ballooned.

And alongside it, so has the rest of the federal government. 

Currently, it is unclear the full extent to which federal surveillance technologies have ensnared law-abiding American citizens in electronic dragnets. 

However, Americans have every right to question the actions of their government, especially when they believe it to be violating their most fundamental civil rights. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates on this ongoing story. 

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