This latest attempt to prop up Joe Biden will have you seeing red

Big Tech carried Joe Biden’s feeble campaign over the finish line.

With his regime flailing he needs all the cover he can get.

And this latest attempt to prop Joe Biden up will have you seeing red.

Big Tech has been instrumental in maintaining the carefully-crafted narrative around Joe Biden’s image.

They’ve killed stories like Hunter’s laptop and Ashley Biden’s diary and banned his critics from social media to cover for him.

After botching everything since taking office his regime is constantly playing defense.

With his popularity plunging Big Tech has had to double down on propping him up.

YouTube is one of the few tech platforms that features a way for users to voice their displeasure on what they’re interacting with.

This comes through YouTube’s “dislike” button, which also allows viewers to see a “like” to “dislike” count on every video to judge its popularity.

In a surprising announcement YouTube announced that the public count of “dislikes” was going to be hidden with only the creator of the video knowing the true amount.

The move was described as a way to protect small content creators from supposed online abuse but protecting Joe Biden could be the true reason.

Since Joe Biden moved into the White House, YouTube videos posted by his administration have seen massive amounts of “dislikes” compared to “likes” on virtually everything posted by the President’s account.

Some videos saw only a few hundred “likes” compared to thousands of “dislikes.”

This small act of protest against the regime on Big Tech’s turf apparently can’t be tolerated any longer. 

Biden wasn’t the only the “leftistunderwater” on “likes” versus “dislikes” on YouTube.

Anthony Fauci videos have been consistently underwater with his National Geographic special trailer sporting an eye popping 7.3 to 80,000 “like” to “dislike” ratio.

Conservatives and even non-political content creators on YouTube blasted the move as hurting consumers’ ability to quickly judge the quality of video content.

With the Biden regime’s popularity sinking to Jimmy Carter levels, we can expect more attempts to run cover for Joe Biden from the Big Tech overlords.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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