This judge dropped his gavel in pure shock after Joe Biden makes this delusional claim

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When the founders drafted the Bill of Rights, the freedom of speech and freedom of the press was put in the First Amendment for good reason. They firmly believed these were the most fundamental rights.

However, Joe Biden and his administration have proven that they will do anything to silence their foes, even if it means trampling on the Constitution.

But, this judge dropped his gavel in pure shock after Joe Biden made this delusional claim.

Joe Biden has been caught red-handed censoring Americans online

After some diligent investigating by House Republicans, it appears obvious that the Joe Biden administration played a direct role in silencing their political enemies online.

A number of released documents reveal that officials within the Biden administration practically strong-armed technology companies and social media platforms to take down or censor content that was unfriendly to the regime.

This censorship was so flagrant that last July 4, United States District Judge Terry Doughty issued an injunction, barring the federal government from colluding with Big Tech companies to silence Americans.

This injunction was a result of lawsuits filed by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana regarding this matter.

Last Thursday, these lawsuits took another turn, after a pair of United States Appellate Judges appeared skeptical of the Biden administration’s attempts to overturn these rulings.

Circuit Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod went as far as to note the irate messages from Biden administration officials to technology companies, who were angered at these companies for not removing “hostile” content fast enough.

Judge Elrod even said, “It’s like a supervisor complaining about a worker. “

Circuit Judge Don Willett pointed to public statements made by Biden officials, seemingly threatening antitrust enforcement or the loss of immunity from certain lawsuits under federal law.

Judge Willet said “That’s a really nice social media platform you got there — it would be a shame if something happened to it,” when comparing the tone used in various communications released by Biden officials.

Joe Biden seems un-bothered with these unsettling discoveries

The scariest part about the ongoing censorship cases waged against the Biden administration is that they do not seem to realize that they did anything wrong.

It appears as if Joe Biden and his supporters are willing to tolerate censorship, as long as it benefits them politically.

This alleged censorship goes against everything America and the Constitution stand for, and the Biden administration will likely keep doing this until removed from power.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates on this ongoing story.

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