This jaw-dropping report may be the worst news for an already humiliated Joe Biden administration

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the doldrums.

He’s struggling to crack 40%.

But one jaw-dropping report may be the worst news for an already humiliated Joe Biden administration.

A jaw-dropping report instigated by Elon Musk just proved that Joe Biden is even less popular than everyone thought.

Elon Musk created a major headache for the establishment when he forced the Twitter board to accept his bid to purchase the social media platform that’s become a de facto digital townsquare in recent years.

His purchase of Twitter has uncovered all sorts of malfeasance going on at the company, none of which is good for the Left.

The latest revelation to come from the Twitter fallout is that Joe Biden’s Twitter following is largely bogus.

Newsweek reported that “almost half of President Joe Biden’s current 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake accounts, according to an audit tool provided by software company SparkToro. SparkToro’s tool found that 49.3 percent of accounts following the official @POTUS Twitter account are ‘fake followers’ based on analysis of a number of factors, including location issues, default profile images and new users.”

Musk put the Twitter deal “on hold” until he had the opportunity to get to the bottom of the number of fake accounts that populate the social media platform.

Musk even poked the SEC to look into the matter.

All sorts of deceptive practices at Twitter are under the microscope.

For the longest time, the Left denied that Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube had any bias against conservatives.

That lie has been completely blown out of the water.

Especially in Twitter’s case after an undercover journalist for Project Veritas got a Twitter Senior Engineer admitting on camera that “Twitter does not believe in free speech…Elon believes in free speech…Our jobs are at stake. He’s a capitalist and we weren’t really operating as capitalists, more like very socialist. Like, we’re all like commie as f*ck.”

Shortly after the announcement that Musk was buying Twitter, many prominent right-wingers noted that they experienced a huge uptick in followers and engagement, almost as if some algorithmic switch had been flipped.

The fake Biden accounts are all part of a concerted effort to build the idea that he has some kind of mandate when he does not.

Even Democrats realize that Biden is not as popular as the Party elite and their pals in the corporate-controlled press made him out to be.

In fact, left-wing Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger of Virginia  recently told The New York Times that “Nobody elected him to be FDR.”

The establishment is fiercely protective of the narrative around the 2020 election – so they don’t want people questioning Biden’s supposed popularity despite the fact he barely campaigned in 2020 and committed gaffe after gaffe nearly every time he did.

The satirical site The Babylon Bee joked that Biden was the most popular President ever despite being inaugurated during a veritable military occupation of Washington, D.C.

Biden’s popularity is a mirage, and all the polls show it.

The fake Twitter accounts giving him the veneer of popularity and the virtual military junta-style protection propping up his win in the 2020 Election are still more proof that America is closer to a Banana Republic than ever.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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