This James Clyburn Lt. says Big Tech players are getting exactly what they deserve – but it’s not what you think

Big Tech censors have brought plenty of trouble on themselves. 

Now it looks like they’re getting exactly what they deserve. 

But with a James Clyburn Lt. tangled up in what’s happening, the outcome is sure to end up hurting freedom loving Americans.

The stock market has been thrashing censor-happy tech giants. 

It has been a brutal year for the leading companies of Silicon Valley. Apple’s (AAPL) stock is down about 16% in 2022 — and that makes it the ‘best’ performer of the so-called FAANGs of Big Tech. Facebook owner Meta, Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) have all done far worse, with Meta plunging 66% this year,” CNN reported recently.

Democrats & Deep State look to seize on tech recession to push freedom-destroying regulations

That’s a deep dip compared to the overall market with the NASDAQ down almost 30% as a result of the current recession—that’s less than half of what elite tech stocks have been smacked with. 

Conservatives, who are sick of being censored by the leftist billionaires running Big Tech companies, have been watching on the sidelines with a big bowl of popcorn. 

In a true free market, punishment in the marketplace would provide all the course correction needed. 

But as long as Democrats exist, they’ll be cooking up ways to make every problem in the world 10 times worse thanks to government intervention. 

In a recent opinion piece published by The Hill Rep. James Clyburn’s (D-SC) former chief of staff, Adonis Hoffman, took a swing at Big Tech players.

Considering that Hoffman has put in time as the brains behind a guy who claims Trump supporters are as bad as Nazis, it’s guaranteed whatever he has up his sleeve is awful. 

Congress, the FTC and DOJ have had Big Tech titans in their crosshairs for years but have been unable to pull the trigger,” Hoffman argued in his opinion piece. “The tide may be turning.”

Comeuppance in Washington may be slow, but it does occur,” he added. 

With Elon Musk suddenly at the helm of one of the biggest social media platforms, it isn’t hard to imagine why Democrats are suddenly interested in cracking down on high tech.  

But the reality is that the “tech titans” have been in the Biden administration’s back pocket instead of “in their crosshairs.”

Mark Zuckerberg has already admitted he covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story on the FBI’s advice. 

Recently a secret portal where government employees – including several within the White House – could flag posts for censorship came to light. 

It’s also been revealed that Twitter’s now former top legal executive, Vijaya Gadde, (who was caught on camera giving a potent “if looks could kill” glare at Elon Musk shortly before she was fired) has deep ties to the Department of Homeland Security. 

The truth is Democrats are suddenly in a big hurry to “rein in” Big Tech by blowing off the first amendment and making government censorship official. 

The result is sure to be onerous regulations that will ensure the current big players—at least those willing to play ball with the political establishment—will have guaranteed monopolies. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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