This Ivy League school is creating a protected class of students

Universities were originally designed to be the epicenters of free thought and expression.  

Oh how far those grand institutions have fallen since their founding.  

Now, this Ivy League school is shutting down the speech of one group of students on campus. 

Every passing semester, colleges across the country are churning out more social justice radicals ill-prepared for the real world, let alone the workplace. 

No longer is so-called “higher education” teaching valuable career skills and training the next generation of leaders in the United States. 

Instead, they’re focused on social-emotional learning, critical theory, and training the next generation of woke activists in the United States. 

But they’re not stopping with worthless degrees and courses. 

Now, they’re mandating proper pronoun use on campus. 

And if you think the pronoun associated with someone’s birth sex is the “proper” one, you’d be wrong. 

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting Harvard University – an institution in American education, steeped in tradition – is warning students failure to use a person’s “preferred” pronouns is now a violation of school policy. 

The warning came at a supposed “Title IX” training at the university. 

Of course, Title IX was enacted back in 1972 and had nothing to do with “gender identity.” 

Back then, no one would have even considered the science fiction-turned Leftists reality of people being trapped inside the wrong gender body, or individuals not having any gender at all. 

But today, transsexuals, non-binaries and neo-pronouns are running rampant on college campuses – including at Harvard University. 

In fact, campus is one of the few places these people really exist. 

And they are a so-called “protected class” while on campus, which Harvard administrators stressed to “cis” students. 

According to The Free Beacon, Harvard didn’t go into detail as to what the punishment would be for “misgendering” a student, faculty, or staff member. 

However, a look through Harvard’s “Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy and Procedures,” handbook sheds some light on the subject. 

In the handbook, an offense as grievous as calling someone who looks like a female, “she,” or “her,” could be construed as creating a “hostile environment.”

Penalties for creating such a hostile environment range anywhere from a warning, to a mark on the permanent record, to being expelled from school altogether. 

The handbook also points out that review for each offense will be done both “subjectively and objectively,” with administrators giving the feelings of the supposed “victim” equal footing to the actual facts of the incident. 

And as education reporter, Jeremiah Poff, of The Washington Examiner points out, Harvard isn’t the first school to make such changes in policy, and likely won’t be the last.  

“Harvard’s treatment of incorrect pronoun use as a violation of Title IX is not unique,” Poff wrote. “In May, a school district in Wisconsin initiated disciplinary proceedings against three male students who refused to address another student by his or her preferred pronouns. In June, Fairfax County Public Schools strengthened district policies that could see students punished for the same infraction.”

The Biden administration’s Department of Education, headed by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, has proposed an updated regulation to Title IX that would include gender identity and sexual orientation as federally protected classes under the definition of “sex” in the law.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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