This Hollywood director took on cancel culture and compared this to the McCarthy era

The cancel culture mob has gone so far that even leftist celebrities are speaking out against its actions.

Late night host, Bill Maher, known for his radically liberal views has bashed cancel culture and those promoting it for months now.

And now, this Hollywood director has taken on cancel culture and compared this to the McCarthy era.

Aaron Sorkin is a famed author, director and playwright.

Sorkin has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his work, and is considered the best of the best in his industry.

Rarely do you hear about Sorkin getting “political” about something. But in a recent interview he just couldn’t hold back any longer.

In an interview about his upcoming project, “Being the Ricardos,” Sorkin blasted cancel culture.

“The bad guys during the blacklist, it wasn’t just Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn.  Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn would have been powerless if it wasn’t for this other committee whose job it was, if the network wants to hire me on a television series, it was their job to tell the network whether that was OK, whether a guy who owned a couple of supermarkets on Long Island was going to be OK with the network advertising their product during my show,” Sorkin stated.

Sorkin went on in the interview to state that his belief is if these studio and network heads had just told the cancel culture mob to take a hike, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in today.

He’s right.

Many industry insiders let a very vocal minority dictate how to run the business.

But Sorkin wasn’t done there.

“What we need are more people to say no to — and that’s what Twitter is, Twitter is that committee that says whether or not you can abuse someone, and they must be ignored,” Sorkin added.

Sorkin’s point is a valid one.

Continuing to bow to cancel culture and the Twitter mobs is only giving them fuel – it doesn’t help to unite an already heavily divided country.

“I just strongly believe, and now more than ever when we’re living in a frighteningly divided culture, that people talking to each other is the way out and that banning things isn’t,” he insisted.

In today’s world, if people don’t like something or feel even the slightest bit offended, they believe that is grounds to do away with it.

Doing away with things doesn’t make it better and, in fact, the more that’s erased from history the more future generations are bound to repeat it.

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