This governor tried to take out Donald Trump and now he wants to shred the US Constitution with one intolerable act

Democrats continue to show blatant disregard for the Constitution.

They don’t even hide their disdain for it anymore, it’s very obvious how much they hate the freedoms afforded to Americans in the Constitution.

Because this governor failed to take out Donald Trump and now he wants to shred the US Constitution with one intolerable act.

Gun rights, freedom of religion, medical freedom – it doesn’t matter, if it gives you the ability to make your own decisions the Dems want it done away with.

It wasn’t that long ago that conservatives would joke about Democrats trying to destroy the Constitution and take away Americans’ freedoms.

It’s not a joke anymore.

The Left is determined to turn the United States into a socialist nation and they’re doing it by stripping away your liberties one at a time.

Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat from Washington State, announced plans to introduce legislation that would regulate candidates and elected officials from spreading “lies” about elections that are likely to result in violence.

Of course, like all leftist “anti-violence” or “misinformation” laws and policies this one is at the discretion of elected officials and their designees, so what constitutes “lies” is anyone’s guess.

The legislation, according to a source inside the Governor’s office, would be “narrowly tailored” to cover “false statements” that are made for the sole “purpose of undermining the election process or results.”

Inslee said in a statement that he is referring to “candidates and elected officers knowingly throwing bombs at democracy itself when doing so is likely to result in violence.”

No shockingly, the Democrat Governor announced the plan on the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot, and used the event as justification for the speech restrictions.

Once again, Democrats are leveraging January 6 to implement moves that will strip citizens of their God-given rights.

Inslee went on his statement to say that there is “an ongoing coup attempt by candidates and elected officials to overturn our democracy.”

The Governor even knows that his law it’s likely unconstitutional, so he tried to head it off at the pass by citing the 1969 Supreme Court case, Brandenburg v. Ohio.

In Brandenburg v. Ohio the court ruled that speech “inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action” is not constitutionally protected.

Governor Inslee is doing nothing more than trying to distract from the Democrats stealing elections.

The pending “election integrity” bill in the Senate is nothing more than a move to allow more illegal immigrants to vote and take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

The end game is that the Democrats win every possible election in this country from the bottom up making them the ultimate ruling class.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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