This four star admiral called for companies to do something truly shocking

Joe Biden is the figurehead for a wildly radical administration.

His cabinet is full of people with insane ideas from “woke” universities.

Now one of Joe Biden’s four star admirals called for companies to do something truly shocking.

The Twitter Files released by Elon Musk have unveiled stunning amounts of malfeasance at the social media giant done at the request of government actors.

The fed goons were routinely pressuring the all-too-willing former leadership at Twitter to do its bidding with regard to censorship.

And that’s just one company.

There’s no telling how much censorship other entities engaged in on behalf of the government.

Trans HHS “Admiral” Rachel Levine joins Biden regime officials on “misinfo” desk

Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) – who was made a four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps by Joe Biden, wants tech companies to censor even more.

Levine, who was born a man and now identifies as a woman, gave a speech in May before federal medical boards calling for the censorship of “gender misinformation.”

In other words, people who believe that men cannot become women and vice versa are spreading “misinformation” in the eyes of Levine.

This is how far the fringe concept of radical gender ideology has gone.

Nobody had even heard of it until a few years ago, and now a top White House official is directing medical boards and tech companies to get on board with this extreme gender theory.

One of the hot-button gender issues revolves around puberty blockers and hormone treatments for minors.

Levine and other gender activists swear that there are no long-term harmful effects, but doctors are screaming the exact opposite.

And they’ve been drowned out by the activists.

Levine falsely claimed that “gender-affirming care” is “not in scientific or medical dispute” and added that “[w]e need to use our clinicians’ voice to collectively advocate for tech companies to create a healthier, cleaner information environment.”

Levine’s claims are slowly being unraveled.

More and more de-transitioners are speaking out and filing lawsuits against medical professionals who should have known better.

De-transitioner Camille Kiefel explained in a harrowing account, “I had a trauma history: when I was in sixth grade my best friend had been raped by her brother…Being a girl meant I was more vulnerable, so I started to present as more masculine. This should have been a red flag, yet within months of requesting top surgery, it was performed on me.”

This is the type of “gender-affirming care” that Levine is talking about.

Sadly, stories are emerging on social media in which young transitioners’ regrets reportedly have them contemplating suicide.

But the activists want to go full speed ahead without any consideration for the long-term effects of these drug treatments and procedures.

Worse yet, they want to shut down the debate by censoring people and bullying them into compliance.

And Rachel Levine has made clear that’s the policy of the Biden regime.

Prior to joining the Biden administration, Levine served as a top health official in Pennsylvania and was responsible for ordering that COVID patients be sent back to nursing homes. Critics suggest Levine knew that would lead to rampant spread within those facilities as evidenced by Levine’s mother – reportedly at Levine’s direction – being pulled from such a facility that same month.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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