This former O’Reilly Factor star just got canceled in the most shocking way

Big Tech is getting more and more emboldened in silencing Conservatives via deplatforming. 

Anyone who dares depart from Big Tech’s radically woke views can be canceled. 

And this former O’Reilly Factor star just got canceled in the most shocking way.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin came to fame on Bill O’Reilly’s old Fox News show The O’Reilly Factor.

Now, Malkin is the latest victim of Big Tech canceling.

In 2016, travel-hosting platform Airbnb instituted an Orwellian policy rooting out supposed “bias” and expelling anyone they deemed an “extremist.”

In McCarthy-like “guilt by association” fashion, Airbnb has since banned many Conservatives for being affiliated with organizations that the woke Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) decides to smear. 

Michelle Malkin is the latest victim of Airbnb’s intolerant policy. 

But, Malkin is firing back at Airbnb. 

A representative from Airbnb e-mailed Malkin to let her know her account was being removed from the service, after they effectively labeled her a “white nationalist and white supremacist.” 

The fact is, Michelle Malkin is Filipino – not White. 

Malkin posted the email in a recent commentary: 

“My name’s Cedar, and I’m with Airbnb’s Trust team. It has come to our attention that you were a keynote speaker for the 2021 American Renaissance Conference earlier this month (November, 2021) in Tennessee. Airbnb’s community policies prohibit people who are members of or actively associate with known hate groups. Due to your promotion and participation in a known white nationalist and white supremacist conference, we have determined that we will remove your account from Airbnb. This is consistent with action we’ve taken to ban people associated with this conference in past years.”

The American Renaissance Conference is a white supremacist group if the Southern Poverty Law Center says so, in Airbnb’s eyes – regardlesss of whether it’s true or not.

But SPLC believes any organization that doesn’t celebrate Black Lives Matter and Antifa are hate-filled white nationalist organizations. 

Malkin has a much different take on the conference. 

“I spoke at a peaceful conference,” Malkin wrote. “The title of my talk was ‘Race, Immigration, and Con. Inc: How I Came to See the Light. It was a wide-ranging discussion of my three decades of reporting on the nation’s demographic and cultural deterioration. I lambasted both Swamp Democrats and establishment Republicans for selling us out. The speech delved into the K-20 metastasis of anti-white curriculum, the corporate media’s whitewashing of black-on-Asian attacks, and the long campaign to censor nationalist dissidents who put America first.”

It wasn’t just Michelle whose account was kicked off Airbnb, her husband’s account was as well.

Why? Because he’s Michelle Malkin’s husband, that’s all the reason Airbnb needed. 

Malkin says she offered to provide Airbnb the full contents of her comments at the conference, but Airbnb wasn’t interested. 

She adds that neither her account or her husband’s had ever received a single negative comment or review. 

“Welcome to guilt by secondary association,” Malkin wrote in her commentary. “Are my kids next? Are yours? Surprise, no response from Airbnb to my media inquiries on how many other family members of banned conservative and nationalist Airbnb customers have been swept into their thought police dragnet.”

Malkin refuses to be silenced and is seeking legal recourse. 

Public accommodation businesses in California, where Airbnb is based, are subject to the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

The Act makes what Airbnb is doing to the Malkin family illegal.

Of course, it’s California so don’t expect it to be enforced against Airbnb in Malkin’s case. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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