This elite fighter just made Mark Zuckerberg soil his shorts with one three-word question

Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to control the online conversation is taking fire from all sides.

He’s making enemies in surprising places these days.

And this elite UFC brawler just made Mark Zuckerberg soil his shorts over one three-word question.

Mark Zuckerberg’s ridiculous and arbitrary rules governing Facebook and Instagram have made him the least popular Big Tech Titan.

He’s managed to alienate millions of users including the non-political from his heavy handed censorship.

Now, his censorship has infuriated one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett, of England, is one of the up-and-coming fighters in their lightweight division.

His colorful persona has made him a fan favorite on social media.

Pimblett who was born and raised in Liverpool, England has made charity and giving back to his community a priority.

As part of these efforts, he’s been raising money for a young boy who’s dying of terminal cancer to receive a promising experimental treatment.

He’s used his Instagram and Facebook accounts to start a crowdfunding campaign for the boy’s treatment.

As Pimblett was heading into his fight at top of the card for UFC Fight Night 204 in London, the campaign was picking up steam.

Some online bullies attacked Pimblett and the cancer stricken child on Instagram and Facebook with some horrible comments.

He contacted Instagram to do something about the situation.

Instagram told him that nothing could be done because the comments didn’t violate their rules

As a man who fights for a living, Pimblett isn’t the type to hold back.

He jabbed back at these disgusting bullies with off-color remarks that were far less offensive than what they had used.

For this Instagram and Facebook banned his accounts for violating their terms of service.

Before his big fight in London, he promised to send a message to Zuckerberg from inside the cage afterwards.

He said, “I’m grabbing the mic and calling Zuckerberg out because the weird thing is he goes on about getting bullied at high school and in college. Why are you letting the bullies win now? Instagram’s an absolute disgrace. The guidelines are ridiculous.”

Pimblett mentioned Facebook’s arbitrary rules that let users send nasty remarks to him and not be banned. 

After easily defeating his opponent during the UFC event, he delivered on his promise to call out Zuckerberg.

In his post-fight interview, he was asked who wanted to fight next. 

Pimblett replied, “Who I want to fight? Mark Zuckerberg. I’m gonna punch your head in, I’m sick of you lad. Shutting my Instagram accounts down when all I do is help charities. You’re the biggest bully in the world.”

He found out what conservatives have known all along about Zuckerberg’s arbitrary and unfair rules along with their one sided enforcement.

It remains to be seen if Zuckerberg has the courage to step into the octagon with him but he’s certainly alienated Pimblett’s fans. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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