This disturbing cockpit recording put Hollywood legend James Woods on heart attack watch

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The “woke” religion of Progressivism is rapidly spreading.

Society is being degraded piece by piece in the name of wokeness.

And this disturbing cockpit recording put Hollywood legend James Woods on heart attack watch.

The far-left trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) is tearing apart the fabric of the country.

Schools, corporations, and other institutions have become obsessed with DEI to the detriment of standards.

For example, universities are under pressure to find women and underrepresented minorities for STEM teaching positions even though the applicant pool is not deep.

As a result, schools fill the roles with under-qualified people.

In the world of academia, the average person does not care that much.

But DEI becomes a serious problem when lives are at stake.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made a concerted effort to boost DEI initiatives, which does not inspire confidence in the minds of travelers.

Conservative actor James Woods is one of the few people in Hollywood speaking out against it.

And a mind-numbing conversation between a pilot and an air traffic controller highlighted how unqualified people can cause serious issues.

Not what you want to hear from an Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller was attempting to dictate to an experienced pilot because she had researched a term on “Google.”

Around the time of that incident, the FAA publicly announced that it was expanding its DEI efforts to hire people with “severe intellectual” and “psychiatric” disabilities.

Few in Hollywood would dare admit this 

In response to the headline, Woods tweeted, “This headline is the Biden era in a nutshell. It should be in a time capsule because it embodies everything and virtually the only thing he has ever accomplished.”

The idea of intentionally seeking out people with “severe intellectual” disabilities is asinine.

The FAA announced, “Targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the Federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring…They include hearing, vision, missing extremities, partial paralysis, complete paralysis, epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, and dwarfism.”

Instead of recruiting the best, the FAA is finding ways to lower standards.

Nobody should be intentionally excluded, but there has to be an acceptable standard that must be met by everyone.

Only an ideologically possessed society would go out of its way to recruit people with these maladies to work in life-or-death positions.

Woods got “canceled” from Hollywood for speaking his mind on hot-button political issues.

But this one should not even be controversial. 

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