This Democrat Senate candidate passed along election misinformation with no Big Tech consequences

With every passing day, more-and-more, voters are realizing there are two sets of rules on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

One incredibly laxed set for Democrats, and a completely different and stringent set for Republicans.

But now, one Democrat Senate candidate is getting away with passing along election misinformation. 

Don’t you dare try posting a positive review of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 

And a mere suggestion that President Joe Biden might not have fairly ascended to the White House will get you banned from any of those social media platforms. 

However, Hillary Clinton was able to beat a dead horse – with zero evidence – about supposedly having the 2016 Presidential election “stolen,” from her. 

President of the United Earth, Stacey Abrams is still claiming – again, sans any shred of evidence – that she was the rightful winner of the 2018 Gubernatorial contest in Georgia. 

Compare that to then-sitting President Donald Trump was completely removed from all platforms for suggesting – this time with quite a bit of circumstantial evidence – that something didn’t smell right in 2020. 

Now, Democrat Senate candidate, and current Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman is freely allowed to pass his own set of election misinformation. 

Fetterman has been absent from the campaign trail for virtually the entire general election campaign following a serious stroke. 

Instead, he’s been utilizing social media to attack the Republican nominee for the seat, Dr. Mehmet Oz – going as far as enlisting D-list celebrities like Snooki to help him. 

Recently Fetterman took to his social media platforms to spread fear over Republicans and their dastardly calls for voter identification cards and voter integrity measures to ensure safe and secure elections. 

“In my own state, they’re going to pass – attempt to pass – a Constitutional amendment, making sure Universal Voting ID, for every time you vote, not just when you sign up to vote, but every time you vote,” Fetterman said without completing the sentence. “Because they understand that at any given time there are tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who are typically, typically, are on the, ah, ah, ah, are on the poorer side, and, and, people of color, who are less likely to have their ID at any one given time.” 

Fetterman can get a pass for making a big deal about showing the ID every time you vote – despite it making no sense to only show ID when you register to vote and then never having to show ID when you actually cast a vote. 

But why should he get a pass on his blatant bigotry and undermining of American institutions – after all, those are the alleged reasons conservatives are frequently censored by Big Tech.  

Fetterman’s claim that “people of color” are less capable of providing voter ID than white people, is inherently racist.    

Post expressing opinions that could be construed as racist or supporting white supremacy are supposedly against community standards on the big three social platforms. 

Beyond that, this is a scare tactic meant to sow seeds of mistrust, among a given community, in the election system. 

According to new policies by social media platforms like Twitter, misinformation intended to undermine trust in American institutions and systems is against community guidelines and will be removed and could lead to the poster being banned from the platform. 

Fetterman – who again is largely relying on social media to win his U.S. Senate race in the Keystone State – still has all of his social accounts active. 

And as of the time of this writing, his misinformation video is still up and both viewable and shareable. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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