This Democrat bill would allow the government to monitor the financial activity of every American

While most Americans are seething over the Biden’s vaccine mandate the Democrats are hard at work pushing for even more radical, invasive, freedom stealing policies.

They’ve got most of America right where they want them – focused on something else.

And this Democrat bill would allow the government to monitor the financial activity of every American.

The Democrats continue to push for the ability to watch each and every American’s interactions, movements and business dealings.

Democrats’ reconciliation bill that they’re desperately trying to push through has some concerning details hidden in it.

The bill includes a plan to give the government access to monitor American’s banking activity.

Nothing is off limits to Joe Biden and the Democrat Party – they want control of it all.

Biden’s most recent proposal would require banks to annually report gross inflows and outflows from all business and personal accounts — including bank, loan, and investment accounts — if the inflows and outflows of an account total at least $600 in a year, or if the account has a fair market value of at least $600.

If you have at least $600 sitting in your bank account, the IRS could end up monitoring your spending.

Not surprisingly, the plan is raising questions about privacy.

The plan would largely affect the self-employed, who report their own income and deductions.

Biden and his team say the surveillance would target audits and prevent tax evasion.

The IRS would know how much money is in an individual’s bank account in a given year, whether the individual earned income on that account and exactly how much was going in and out.

Banks across the country have come out in opposition of the plan saying it would impose onerous reporting requirements on them.

It also likely violates the Fourth Amendment, but we’ve already seen how little Biden cares about the Constitution.

The proposal has been immediately panned by Republicans and some Democrats, so it is possible Biden finds it dead before he even says two words about it.

But with the way Biden and his team have been operating over the last nine months, they’ll likely find a workaround to get the authoritarian plan implemented.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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