This Biden enemies list topper just said three words that could doom everything

Democrats are hell-bent one extending the fortress the media has built around them and their policies everywhere.

They want anyone who dares criticize them flogged and immediately canceled.

But this Biden enemies list topper just said three words that could doom it all.

The past few years have shown that Big Tech has become nothing but an enforcement arm for the Democrat Media Complex and the Left’s insane woke agenda.

People who don’t go along with the left-wing narrative run the risk of being targeted by unhinged leftists within many institutions.

Joe Rogan ran afoul of the Left when he dared call out the COVID regime by having discussions with physicians who had counter-narrative opinions about the pandemic and the response from Dr. Anthony Fauci and the public health establishment.

Now, Rogan is calling out the problem of “mentally ill” activists that have burrowed into major tech and media companies – including at Spotify, where his podcast is hosted.

During a recent episode, Rogan talked about a female friend of his who works at a Big Tech firm and detailed some of the horrors currently going on.

Rogan explained, “The lunatics are running the asylum to a certain extent. Because there’s a lot of people—the company she works for now—there’s a lot of people that are inside the company that legitimately are mentally ill, and they consider themselves activists. And they have to placate them because there’s a certain percentage of the population of the people that work for the company. And they’re the loudest and they oftentimes don’t get work done, and when confronted, they talk about their activism.”

Rogan is correct and it’s on display at several companies, including one with which he is associated.

Spotify—the streaming service with exclusive rights to his podcast—had a mutiny among activiste employees within the company that wanted to get him fired.

The employees then tried to have Rogan’s episodes censored and monitored.

But Rogan isn’t taking it, saying “I will quit,” on a recent podcast, adding “If it gets to a point that I can’t do it anymore, where I have to do it in some sort of weird way where I walk on eggshells and mind my p’s and q’s, f–k that!” 

Unfortunately, this same kind of woke madness has spread everywhere.

Currently, Disney employees are raising Cain over Florida’s passage of the Parental Rights in Education law, which was slandered by the Left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Far-left activists inside the company successfully bullied CEO Bob Chapek into pressuring Ron DeSantis to reconsider the legislation, but DeSantis refused.

Since then, the activist contingent at Disney have pledged to add more “queer” content to their children’s content.

The possible good news is many center-left liberals had no idea that so many mentally-ill radical activists were masquerading as liberals all these years.

The mask has slipped, and the remaining sane liberals don’t know what to do.

The “lunatics are running the asylum” as Rogan explained.

Fortunately, people are pushing back.  In addition to Rogan’s stand at Spotify, subscribers to the Disney+ streaming service are beginning canceling the service in massive numbers.

The growing movement to show unhinged leftists there are consequences to their madness could doom their plans to intimidate anyone who opposes them into silence.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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