This all-star baseball player just put a big-time Democrat in his place  

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Keith Olbermann is known for having a big mouth that he just can’t seem to keep shut.

And lately, it looks like he has drawn the ire of some professional athletes.

Now this all-star baseball player just put a big-time Democrat in his place.  

Former Yankees player David Wells has had enough

David Wells is a former Yankees baseball player, with an impressive record, and he was one of MLB’s top left-handed pitchers during his career.

The ex-baseball player recently covered up the Nike logo on his jersey for Old Timer’s Day, and he also said he thought companies like Bud Light tried too hard to align themselves with politics.

Wells drew the ire of Ex-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann after he appeared at the Old Timer’s Day event at Yankee Stadium and told reporters, “We’re in a different world. It sucks. That’s why everyone should carry a gun” while wearing a piece of medical tape over the Nike swoosh on the chest of his jersey.

Wells also said that if he were playing that day, he would’ve cut a hole into the jersey and wore it like that instead of displaying the logo on his body, saying, “I hate Nike! They’re woke!”

Keith Olbermann didn’t like Wells’ decision to block the logo and he decided to call him out on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Olbermann responded to Wells’ comments about Nike and Bud Light, writing, “Bullsh*t. [David Wells] would drink wood alcohol. Another f*cking fraud.”

Wells didn’t take kindly to the commentary, and he decided to fire right back at Olbermann on the platform.

The athlete wrote, “Keith shut the f*ck up. Just because you never played the game and all you did was work for ESPN and talk sh*t on all us players because you have a degree in journalism makes you an expert on putting athletes down. And that’s if you even have a degree. Stick to your politics.”

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Keith Olbermann will stay quiet, as he’s not exactly known for his ability to remain silent about pretty much anything.

Olbermann has worked for several organizations over the years including ESPN, Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, to name a few.

It’s difficult to say whether the people who continue to watch Olbermann are doing it because they’re genuine fans or if they’re just waiting to see him have another breakdown on the air.

Wells stands firm

Despite the back and forth between David Wells and Keith Olbermann, the baseball player doesn’t have any intention to back down.

And this isn’t the first time in recent history that Olbermann has insulted a talented athlete.

At the end of August, swimmer Riley Gaines posted a comment on X about the importance of a “Women’s Bill of Rights” that would protect female athletes from competing against transgender people.

In response, Keith Olbermann wrote. “Can you just address the reality and move past it? You sucked at swimming. That’s why you lost.”

He also called Gaines a “homophobe.”

Never mind the fact that Keith Olbermann has been fired from multiple jobs as a sports reporter and can’t seem to hold onto a position anywhere.

If he keeps up the tirades, more professional athletes will continue to call him out. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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