These country musicians dropped the mask over unhinged rants against Brittany Aldean

No one on the political Right is surprised anymore when the Left “cancels” them for making innocuous, common-sense comments. 

Not even right-leaning celebrities are immune from woke Cancel Culture. 

But these country musicians just dropped the mask over the unhinged rants you won’t believe about Brittnay Aldean.

Jason Aldean is being canceled for something he didn’t even say. 

According to the woke blue checkmarks on social media, violence isn’t violence – think about the “mostly peaceful protests” during the Summer of Love, or the recent swatting targets – but words are violence. 

Those same Social Justice Snowflakes also say “silence is violence.” 

They’ve set up a lose-lose scenario for anyone who opposes woke politics. 

However, some people aren’t willing to play the Left’s game. 

Enter Brittany Aldean, wife of country-music mega star, Jason Aldean. 

Brittany makes a habit out of making America-First type comments on her social media platforms. 

But an innocent joke she recently made on Instagram has put her husband’s entertainment career in hot water. 


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A post shared by Brittany Aldean (@brittanyaldean)

Mrs. Aldean posted a video of herself applying makeup. 

She captioned the video with a rather witty and insightful social commentary. 

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,” Mrs. Aldean posted. I love this girly life.

That was enough to trigger the Left into mind-melting mode. 

Unhinged Lefties, like singers Cassadee Pope and Maren Morris began relentlessly attacking the mother of two.

“You’d think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messaging,” Pope tweeted. “But instead here we are, hearing someone compare their ‘tomboy phase’ to someone wanting to transition. Real nice.”

“It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie,” Morris tweeted with incorrect punctuation. 

Like any good husband, Jason Aldean defended his wife from the unwarranted attacks. 

He lovingly called Brittany, “my Barbie,” and commented on his wife’s original captions. 

“I’m glad they didn’t too, cause you and I wouldn’t have worked out,” Aldean joked. 

Brittany was quick to defend herself as well with a lengthy post detailing her completely rational reasoning for opposing transitioning minors – and launching a new Barbie themed line of “Don’t Tread On Our Kids,” clothing.  


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A post shared by Brittany Aldean (@brittanyaldean)

However, the man with 24 number-one hit songs didn’t come out of the exchange unscathed. 

After representing Aldean for the better part of two-decades, GreenRoom PR has decided to give the Triple-Platinum artist the boot, dropping their representation of the star.

“Music has always been and remains The GreenRoom’s core focus, so we had to make the difficult decision after 17 years to step away from representing Jason,” GreenRoom PR co-owner Tyne Parrish wrote in a statement. “We aren’t the best people for the gig anymore, but will always be big fans of his music, he is one of the greatest live entertainers in country music.”

That was an interesting tactic for a public relations agency to take under these circumstances – because nothing says you’re the best PR flacks in the world  like saying you’re afraid to do what your client hired you for.

For his part, Aldean predicted this day would come during an interview with Audacy’s Rob + Holly.

“At some point it’s gotten to where if you’re a conservative in this business, you’re not allowed to speak,” Aldean said. “Trust me, I have a lot of friends in this business that think the way I think, and a lot of them are really scared to stand up and say anything for fear of backlash or whatever the case may be.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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