These communist-style commissars are melting down over one shockingly sane government policy could help save America

The Left got away with fostering a revolution in American schools.

And they must go to war with any threat to their revolution. 

So these communist-style commissars are melting down over one shockingly sane government policy could help save America.

Americans have had it with the lies they’re being fed about Critical Race Theory and the claims being made by the Left that children in schools aren’t being brainwashed with the Marxist-style teachings.

In fact, Virginians made their voices heard by heading to the voting booth last month and proving they were done with the CRT agenda.

But now, this civil rights commission is claiming the banning of CRT is censorship and the idea is actually more absurd than it sounds.

The Michigan Civils Rights Commission has declared that the banning of CRT is censorship.

The commission recently discussed a push in the Michigan legislature to ban CRT.

Shockingly, these communist-style commissars vowed to fight “any and all legislation that promotes censorship and book banning.”

Sounds reasonable, until you realize it’s just their teachings they believe are being censored.

The Michigan Civil Rights Commission believes that CRT fosters an understanding of race and racism on an “institutional and structural” level.

It is vehemently opposed to the two bills being put forward in the state that would, as they say, provide “for censorship for educators” and give “students an inaccurate and incomplete account of the history of the United States.”

Again, the Left is trying to convince people that banning CRT means banning history and that statement is patently false.

So, censorship is okay just not if it’s censoring things like Marxist teachings for grade school children because that’s important.

Republicans in Michigan and across the country argue CRT inaccurately characterizes U.S. history and could cause division among students, but the Left doesn’t care about that.

In fact, the Left wants division in the country – its goal is clearly to revert back to the days of segregation.

There is no other possible explanation as to why they would push for something like CRT.

The Left is no longer hiding its desire to make the U.S. a Socialist nation and they clearly will stop at nothing to brainwash children.

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