There’s a huge problem plaguing Big Tech platforms that could spell trouble

Legacy news media is suffering significantly as alternative platforms emerge.

That’s why the establishment is pushing to control social media outlets.

But there’s a huge problem plaguing big tech platforms that could spell trouble.

The corporate-controlled press doesn’t have the monopoly on information it once had.

Now dissident voices can spread their message far and wide.

One way that the establishment is fighting back is by censoring counter-narrative arguments before people can even hear them.

In addition to flat-out banning people, sites like Facebook and Twitter are slapping “fact checks” on conservatives, Republicans, and anyone else who’d counter-narrative on big issues.

For example, author Steven Koonin’s book Unsettled, an academic examination on climate science that challenges establishment orthodoxy, detailed how Facebook is flagging a thorough review of his book with the aspersion “very low scientific credibility.”

Koonin wrote in The Wall Street Journal:

“Thoughtful challenge and dialogue are the most powerful ways that science gets closer to truth. But Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ criticized what they imagined I wrote based on a 900-word review, rather than what I did write in a book of more than 75,000 words. They’re no better than trolls who pan political adversaries’ books on Amazon without bothering to read them. It’s not the behavior of serious scientists, and it demonstrates the need for a book like Unsettled.”

In essence, Facebook outsources its fact-checking to biased judges, and it requires digging to expose that reality.

Most people don’t have the time or patience to do the leg work, so the stigma of “very low scientific credibility” (and similar smears) sticks.

Worse yet, the application of such fact checks is asymmetrical.

For example, Twitter fact-checked any claims questioning the integrity of the 2020 election, but there were no fact checks on the statement that Stacey Abrams was the duly elected Governor of Georgia.

Abrams and other Democrats repeat that lie to this day.

Koonin’s book contests that the narrative that the science on climate change is “settled,” which it is not.

The establishment uses the same tactics to stifle dissent.

They declare that the debate is over and their position is empirically correct, and anyone who disagrees is a “denier” or “conspiracy theorist.”

Democrats don’t want a robust debate on climate science because they’re using environmentalist scare tactics to prod people into accepting bigger government.

Big Tech platforms are using biased fact-checkers to add bogus credibility to the establishment position.

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