The war in Ukraine established one new custom that should give you chills

The war in Ukraine is already wreaking havoc on the globe.

It’s bad enough that Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression has killed and injured thousands, but the damage does not end there.

Now, the war has established one new custom that should give you chills.

The horrific war in Ukraine is showing people around the world how much damage governments can do, especially when they are operating in concert with Big Tech companies.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian government and various tech firms are shutting down access to the internet and other services.

An entire population is ultimately being thrown into digital isolation because of Putin’s government and Big Tech firms.

The New York Times reported that as, “Putin has waged war on Ukraine, a digital barricade went up between Russia and the world. Both Russian authorities and multinational internet companies built the wall with breathtaking speed. And the moves have ruptured an open internet that was once seen as helping to integrate Russia into the global community.”

As the public square has moved to cyberspace, it’s terrifying to see how world governments and multinational corporations can essentially throw people in a digital gulag unduly.

The Freedom Convoy found that out in Canada when truckers and other supporters resisted fascist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate.

People in America also have gotten a taste – Conservative commentators have been “debanked” and denied access to payment processors because of their politics.

The same happened to some unsuspecting people who wandered into the Capitol on January 6.

The Times added that, “TikTok and Netflix are suspending their services in the country. Facebook has been blocked. Twitter has been partly blocked, and YouTube’s future is in doubt. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and others have pulled back or withdrawn entirely from Russia. Even online video games like Minecraft are no longer available.”

That means people are losing access to both business and leisure activities.

It’s bone-chilling to see such drastic measures taken against an entire population.

Repressive governments that take such action are detestable, but it has become expected of them.

However, now corporations are getting in on the act and punishing people for the crimes of their government.

The war in Ukraine could be serving as a test run for how this level of social control can be levied against a country or a populace that is not at war.

Brian Fishman, a senior fellow at the New America think tank and a former counterterrorism policy director at Facebook, said, “The vision of a free and open internet that runs all over the world doesn’t really exist anymore…Now the internet is lumpy. It has choke points.”

Big Tech has become a tool of the global elites, and they’re beginning to wield it more and more.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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