The Twitter echo chamber just went ballistic after Jake Tapper expressed an intelligent thought

CNN is an organization defined by a commitment to partisan politics rather than the pursuit of truth. 

So, the leftist universe lost its marbles when CNN’s Jake Tapper broke all expectations. 

And the Twitter echo chamber went ballistic after Jake Tapper expressed an intelligent thought. 

After fully participating in censoring anyone who dared speak out during the Democrats’ draconian pandemic shutdowns, Jake Tapper seems to be slowly waking up. 

The reason for his sudden foray into reality likely has everything to do with realizing Democrats might just have set themselves up for a thrashing at the polls this November—in spite of RINOs doing their level best to alienate Republican voters through a series of dumb moves. 

Now, during a recent episode of CNN Tonight with Jake Tapper, the host finally gave voice to the elephant in the room since 2020. 

“I have to say I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a national conversation about the damage done to kids because of these school closures,” Tapper told his guest. 

Tapper’s comments part of a wave of leftist Covid revisionist history 

The masks and jab emojis crowd is trying to cover up Democrats’ record on Covid.

The Democrat Party is starting to get hit hard for the bad student test scores and low achievement reflected in the recent National Assessment of Educational Progress findings.

The efforts to cover for the fact that Democrats bowed to Big Pharma and teachers union bosses, have run the gamut from Biden administration Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s weak spin attempts to the absurdity of Ron DeSantis’ Democrat opponent in the Florida Governor’s race calling DeSantis “the shutdown guy.”

Tapper’s comment quickly blew up online with leftists claiming that “our schools weren’t closed” while conservatives virtually rolled their eyes. 

“The media are repulsive,” Twitter user Jason Howerton wrote. “They sat idly by for years as children suffered from school closures and now that midterms are weeks away, they are pretending to do journalism.”

Another twitter user pointed out that Tapper didn’t have time to start a “national conversation” during the pandemic. 

“Jake was busy writing mean girl tweets to Trump staffers and giving softball interviews to Fauci and Biden,” Twitter user @danieltobin wrote. “He didn’t have the time.”

“Tapper occasionally pulls the tattered shreds of his soul out of the closet to display on the telly,” Twitter user @ProtesterLone explained. “Don’t worry. It won’t last.”

Back in February of 2021, Tapper had a chance to challenge CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky when the agency had veered way away from anything resembling science to embrace partisan mask and vax hysteria. 

Censorship was so effective corporate-controlled media mouthpieces apparently missed the very real national uproar

Instead of speaking up for concerned parents who were having their voices drowned out by Big Government, Tapper completely caved to his establishment overlords.

“I feel a little dispirited because I had high hopes that schools would be able to resume in person learning because so many scientists and health officials, including you and Dr. Fauci and others, have been talking about the science supports opening schools as much as possible,” Tapper said during his interview with Walensky. 

Rather than go on to challenge the CDC Director, Tapper went on to wind up the interview with a milksop conclusion. 

“I don’t know if the schools are ever going to open until everybody’s vaccinated,” he said. 

Now it appears Tapper is intentionally trying to cover for the Covid regime by pretending that a huge swath of America wasn’t up in arms this whole time.

Either that or with CNN management breathing down his neck over poor viewership numbers and Democrats facing a possibly rocky road ahead, Tapper’s actually found just enough backbone to make one insanely obvious statement. 

There should be a “national conversation” about what happened to America’s children. 

Or maybe everyone could take an even more radical approach and recognize that unilateral authoritarian action by Big Government at the expense of free speech is never okay and almost always results in devastating “unintended” consequences. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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