The truth behind an old Jen Psaki claim has Karine Jean-Pierre backpedaling frantically

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is a celebrity level spin doctor. 

Her successor is an absolute disaster. 

And now the truth behind an old Jen Psaki claim has Karine Jean-Pierre backpedaling frantically.

Last year Jen Psaki bragged that the White House was flagging “problematic” posts but the corporate-controlled press let her assertion slide. 

But a recent revelation about a secret Facebook censorship portal opened up all kinds of questions about what’s really going on.

Report claims Jen Psaki didn’t misspeak – Big Government and Big Tech officials share a special censorship “portal”

 The Intercept recently blew the lid off—a dedicated portal where people with a government or law enforcement email address can submit posts they want removed from the platform. 

The existence of such a tool is making some of Jen Psaki’s past claims appear in a different light. 

Philip Wegmann, a RealClearPolitics reporter, apparently struck a nerve when he brought up Psaki’s old claims.

“Jen Psaki said from that podium in the summer of 2021, ‘We are flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,’” he said. “Can you tell us whether the White House is still flagging social media posts for disinformation and are you submitting those to Facebook through a special portal?”

As usual, getting an actual question from a member to the press threw Jean-Pierre off balance. 

So, to buy herself some time, the Press Secretary asked Wegmann to “say a little bit more.” 

“There was reporting in The Intercept about opportunities for the federal government to identify for social media companies different posts that contained what was perceived as misinformation about the origins of COVID, the vaccine, other things as well — such as Ukraine or the US withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Wegmann explained. 

Jean-Pierre then spent some time dancing around the issue claiming that the administration “remains fully committed to our mission to protect the security and resilience of our elections and safeguard election infrastructure. That includes combating disinformation.”

White House mouthpieces tried passing the buck to DHS

She then attempted to pass off the issue to bureaucrats over at the Department of Homeland Security. 

“We work to protect that — protect Americans from disinformation that threatens the homeland, including malicious efforts spread by foreign adversaries, [which] began before the Disinformation Governance Board was established,” Jean-Pierre continued. “In fact, some of that work began before this administration. So I want to be very clear that cross- agency work continues to this day. Don’t want to get ahead of anything else. This is a [matter for the] Department of Homeland Security — so I would refer you to them”

When pushed by both Wegmann and the New York Post, she finally made a halfhearted attempt at answering the question. 

“Does the White House participate in this secret government censorship portal, though? I think that was part of the question. Does the White House submit examples of alleged disinformation and misinformation for Facebook to censor through this portal?” A reporter with the New York Post asked.

Biden Press Secretary denies White House is using censorship portal

Jean-Pierre finally responded to that question with a flat denial simply saying “no.” 

But her ongoing insistence that blatant government censorship is a priority and her refusal to explain Psaki’s claims from last summer is more than suspicious. 

It also flies in the face of the US Constitution. 

 “The First Amendment bars the government from deciding for us what is true or false, online or anywhere,” The American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a tweet. “Our government can’t use private pressure to get around our constitutional rights.”

While the White House might not be using Facebook’s censorship portal directly, Jean-Pierre’s fumbling response makes it clear government censorship via private companies is alive and well. 

There’s no telling how many government agencies inside the Biden Administration are using Facebook’s shortcut to pull down content deemed hazardous to Democrats and political establishment insiders. 

But one thing is clear, while the Disinformation Governance Board might no longer officially exist, the people who created it are still running this country. 

And there’s more going on under the surface than Jean-Pierre is willing to honestly admit. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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