The TikTok commies are ready to declare war over three words in a chart-topping artist’s meme sensation

The Internet was made for memes.

Leftists from Silicon Valley to Communist China know they’re losing when it comes to memes.

And you’ll know why after you see what three words the TikTok commies lost it over in a chart-topping artist’s meme sensation.

Memes gave Donald Trump and Conservatives a huge advantage online, helping propel the once TV celebrity to the Presidency.

But now the corporate Left has learned its lesson about letting Conservatives have trendy memes on social media.

And now TikTok is getting ready to purge “Let’s go Brandon” from its platform after labeling the meme sensation “bullying”.

One of the most overlooked advantages Donald Trump had in his rise to dominance in the 2016 presidential campaigns was his support among social media.

Countless memes of support were made for Trump by an army of supporters who also didn’t hold anything back against those who stood in his way.

The great Dank Meme wars of 2016 were a sight to see.

Unfortunately, the leftists have already purged most of the memes off of social media already.

And since those glorious days the memes for conservatives have been slim pickings.

But thanks to dementia Joe Biden we now have a new meme rallying cry that is gaining ground.

With the rise of college football this year came the rise of a chant that united fans like no other, “f*ck Joe Biden.”

And the media didn’t know what to do with the chants’ growing popularity.

So when they got the chance they tried to label it as something else, “Let’s go Brandon.”

But even with the Fake News Media trying to change the narrative and stop the popularity of the chant, they ended up making its popularity skyrocket.

Well now not knowing what to do, the Fake News Media and Silicon Valley leftists have decided to just ban “Lets go Brandon” as hate speech.

Rapper Loza Alexander soared up the Apple Music Hip Hop and Rap chart last week with his music video “Let’s go Brandon” popping up all over social media.

Well now the communist over at TikTok have decided to try and ban the video claiming that it is “bullying.”

So after years of bullying, threatening, and banning Conservatives on social media platforms, now a PG rated “Let’s go Brandon” is now bullying the President of the United States.


But don’t worry.

If you haven’t seen the video it is still going viral and you can see it below:

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