The Swamp scrambles to shut down Marjorie Taylor Greene after she smacks Mayorkas with the truth

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The corporate-controlled press is freaking out after Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke up during a committee hearing.

In fact, the entire Washington, D.C. Swamp is desperate to shut her down.

And it’s all because she smacked US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas with the truth.

CNN and other leftist media organizations are gleefully writing about how Marjorie Taylor Greene was silenced by her GOP led committee.

Clearly, many in the Washington, D.C. establishment are hoping Green will get kicked out of the House Homeland Security Committee entirely—likely in hopes that it will decrease her odds of being reelected.

But in reality, The Hill is reporting that it was likely an accident that led the committee’s chairman to take such harsh action after she accused Mayorkas of lying and made a snide comment about fellow Rep. Eric Swalwell’s past affair with a Chinese spy.

“It was a rare instance of Republicans agreeing to block Greene from speaking, an action Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn.) seemed to do unknowingly, appearing not to immediately realize a move to ‘take down’ her comments versus striking them from the record terminates rights to speak in the hearing,” the publication reported.

Remember the 300

Ironically, Democrats’ attempts to remove Greene’s most inflammatory statements from the official record has caused them to become a much bigger news story than they would have otherwise.

At the same time, the corporate-controlled media has managed to nicely sidestep the real issue.

They are far more interested in portraying Greene as a Boogeyman for calling Mayorkas a liar—than dealing with the reality that his claims to have the southern border under control are absolutely outrageous and patently false.

During her tirade, Greene called out Mayorkas for ignoring the fentanyl crisis while pretending the border is secure.

“I want to know from you how many more people do we have to watch die every single day in America? How many more young people do we have to see die? How many more teenagers? How many more parents cry themselves to sleep at night if they can even sleep because your child overdosed on fentanyl?” she demanded. “How long are you going to continue this outrage, complete outrage where China is poisoning America’s children. Poisoning our teenagers, poisoning our young people how long are you going to let this go on?”

Mayorkas started to respond with the same used line.

“Congresswoman let me assure you that we’re not letting it go on. We are fighting the—”

Green interrupted him at that point.

“No! I reclaim my time. You’re a liar. You are letting this go on and the numbers prove it. You can’t lie about the facts Secretary,” she said. “While you live in denial and sit over there with this attitude that you’re doing everything right. You are killing Americans with your policies. And that is a fact your policies are killing people, over 300 Americans a day, over 300, and it’s outrageous.”

Of course, Democrats on the committee were instantly outraged—not over Mayorkas’ failure to do his job, but at Green for having the audacity to point it out.

But the reality is that the fentanyl crisis isn’t partisan—and the more Democrats ignore it the more heartbroken parents they’re going to alienate.

And no amount of political spin can undo that.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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