The Supreme Court might finally deal a death blow to Big Tech

There are few industries that are allowed to get away with as much as Big Tech does.

The reason for that is simple, these tech companies are sell outs to the radical Left and constantly do their bidding. 

But now the Supreme Court might finally deal a death blow to Big Tech.

Big Tech has gotten away with too much for too long

When it comes to small businesses in America that compete day-in and day-out, the federal government is always happy to make their lives harder.  

It’s the big guys engaged in anti-competitive and monopolistic practices who they seem to have much less interest in control and oversight over.

And when it comes to Big Tech, the Democrats and the Deep State would much rather use threats of antitrust actions as a cudgel than actually enforce existing business laws. 

That helps them ensure tech oligarchs like Mark Zuckerberg snap to when the FBI comes knocking and gives a wink and elbow about what stories to censors or accounts to ban.  

Not that they wouldn’t anyway. 

These companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google can do whatever they want with little fear of repercussions as long as it falls in line with the elites’ left-wing aims. 

However, that could change very soon thanks to the Supreme Court. 

That is because it was just announced that the Supreme Court will be taking up a case that challenges the controversial Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

This section shields major tech companies and platforms from lawsuits over content posted by users of the site. 

This section also gives overwhelming authority to tech companies to monitor and censor material on their platforms.

Quite simply it allows tech platforms to act like a publisher and make “editorial” decisions – aka censor conservatives – while still being shielded from being sued for example for defamation when they publish lies that harm someone.

Donald Trump has criticized this section in the past, claiming that many large tech platforms were censoring or omitting conservative content. 

Trump is on to something here, as many sites such as Google and Facebook have been caught burying major stories that would hurt Democrat Party politicians.

Similarly, they’ve banned or suppressed accounts of users they oppose politically while allowing others – like ISIS – to operate in open violation of their “content guidelines.” 

Plaintiffs in Reynaldo Gonzalez, et al v. Google LLC, claim that Youtube and Google allowed terrorist organizations such as ISIS to post on their sites, and thus aided and abetted in the murder of American woman during the 2015 ISIS attacks in Paris, Axios reported. 

The bottom line is, gutting or even narrowing section 230 would be a major headache for Big Tech.

Although it would limit the scope of what they can and cannot do with their platforms, it would also allow for accountability to be present.

This is absolutely crucial given that many tech companies are run by left-wingers who use their authority and power to silence conservatives time after time.

This immense power should not go unchecked, and the Supreme Court is right to act.

Cases like this continue Trump’s legacy

Although Donald Trump is not in the White House, his legacy lives on.

The most important aspect of his legacy is the way he shapes the courts and most importantly the Supreme Court.

The last year or two has been one major victory after another for conservatives.

These decisions, such as the Dobbs decision, prove why Trump was such a major success.

Putting strong principled conservatives into the Supreme Court was his pledge and he delivered.

The three conservatives he put in have not disappointed yet, and hopefully they will continue to decide on what is right for America.

The Left knows this which is why they are so desperate to either pack the Court, or delegitimize it in some way.

Never forget how multiple members of congress called the Dobbs decision and others “illegitimate.”

That is why securing the Senate this November is so important. Leftists must not be allowed to hijack the Supreme Court. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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