The Squad is headed to war with Elon Musk after congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s pal made this unhinged claim

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become an arch-villain for Democrats.

Creating an electric car company has bought him almost no points with the Left.

And The Squad just declared war on Elon Musk after congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s pal made this unhinged claim.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal of Washington State proved precisely why the government should have far, far less power over Americans’ lives.

The far-left congresswoman and top pal of fellow Squad member Ilhan Omar, chastised Elon Musk for “only” paying $11 billion in taxes.

She still wants Musk to pay his “fair share.”

Sane people would argue that Musk paying $11 billion—roughly one-third of his income—would constitute a fair share.

That is an obscene amount of money, but Jayapal’s screeching proves that the Democrats always simply want more.

They want more money and more control over people’s lives.

Also, Jayapal showed that she has zero understanding of finance.

Net worth does not equal income.

Musk had to sell Tesla stocks in order to make the $36 billion.

Jayapal and other socialists in Congress want to tax unrealized gains, which is nuts.

Sadly, more politicians with equivalent ignorance on economics and finance are rising to prominence.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez routinely display their ignorance when it comes to money.

Sanders conveniently stopped railing against “the millionaires” after he became one due to his book sales.

Suddenly only “the billionaires” were problematic.

Champagne socialists in the government live well off the backs of taxpayers while turning around and chastising them.

If Jayapal and her fellow travelers were allowed to confiscate all the wealth of the 1%, it would only fund the government for about a year.

Worse yet, their big-government spending policies create inflation, which is a regressive tax on the middle class and the poor.

Jayapal and her progressives colleagues are not serious people, and they prove that when they rip Elon Musk for not paying enough in taxes.

Look for the Left to make every effort to cancel Musk soon.

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