The Speech Stasi who attacked Trump just gave a glimpse of their endgame

The global elites have been tightening their grip on everyday citizens ever since Donald Trump was elected.

Over the last few months, they’ve revealed more and more about what their cancel culture regime has planned.

And the Speech Stasi who attacked Trump just gave a glimpse of their endgame.

Officials in Scotland apparently couldn’t take being out done by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on the Freedom Convoy when it comes to authoritarian speech regulation.

And they illustrated that when they punished a citizen for sending an offensive message on Twitter.

Breitbart reported that a “Scottish man has been sentenced to 150 hours of community service after being found guilty of writing a ‘grossly offensive’ tweet. Last year, following the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore, who rose to national prominence for his charitable efforts during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Joseph Kelly, 36, posted on social media: ‘the only good Brit soldier is a deed [dead] one, burn auld fella buuuuurn.’ The Glaswegian man was convicted for sharing ‘grossly offensive’ material online by the Lanark Sheriff Court.”

Scottish authorities didn’t stop there and warned they could have brought the hammer down even harder.

“Sheriff Adrian Cottam said that Kelly had passed the ‘custody threshold’ for his tweet, meaning that he could have been imprisoned for it, but said that there should be a bias against prison time if another option is available.” 

So Kelly could’ve been thrown in prison for a post that mirrors the vitriol that Trump and his supporters get routinely.

American leftists continually make the absurd argument that so-called hate speech is not free speech.

It’s another example of how they scratch their authoritarian itch to crack down on speech the way that countries without a First Amendment do.

Twitter banned Donald Trump from the platform, and his supporters are often censored too, for similar reasons.

The problem of online censorship has festered on Twitter.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk, who has been very critical of Twitter censorship, recently bought a $3 billion stake in the company with the stated purpose of combating the censorship.

With Musks’ purchase making him the largest shareholder in Twitter, there could be a sea change at the company.

If Musk is able to reform Twitter and wrest social media control away from the establishment, the next escalation could be bringing UK-style censorship laws to the United States.

The international Left cheered on Trudeau as he shut down banking services to Canadian truckers, so they wouldn’t bat an eye if an American Conservative got arrested and subjected to community service for an offensive tweet.

The global elites have shown that they will go to drastic measures to maintain their power, so speech codes in America are not off the table.

Outspoken leftists are already itching for them to come to the United States.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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