The radical Left silenced a pro-Trump reporter for exposing this shocking truth

The radical Left is trying to dominate every aspect of life.

They try to crush anyone who stands up to their woke insanity.

Now, they silenced a pro-Trump reporter for exposing this shocking truth.

Woke gender insanity has completely taken over the radical left.

It used to be common sense what the definition of a woman is.

But common sense isn’t so common with the radical transgender activists. 

The trans mob is trying to force everyone to accept their lunacy.

Biden’s looney Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson said she couldn’t define what a woman is because she’s not a biologist.

The biggest battle over trans insanity currently involves college swimmer Lia Thomas.

That’s name University of Pennsylvania swimmer Will Thomas now goes by after he grew his hair and decided he was a “woman.”

Unsurprisingly, Thomas dominated female swimmers on his way to a college championship.

The radical Left and corporate-controlled media hyped him up as a trailblazing hero.

Of course, not all of the female swimmers he dominated were thrilled with this charade.

But the corporate-controlled media disregarded any viewpoint critical of Thomas to protect their narrative.

Rumblings grew that many of his competitors and teammates were upset.

Most of these swimmers were afraid to speak out because of the Left’s cancel mob.

But not all, and Conservative journalist Savanah Hernandez wanted to expose how female college swimmers felt about competing against a man.

Hernandez interviewed a teammate of a Virginia Tech swimmer who lost to Thomas at the NCAA championships.

The swimmer made an impassioned plea against having men compete in women’s sports.

The interview went viral on social media and was shared by Tucker Carlson.

But the trans mob teamed up with the Left’s Big Tech enforcers to shut down an interview that blew a hole in their narrative.

Hernandez’s Twitter account was banned for an arbitrary rules violation.

“I’m not upset that I’ve been silenced. I’m upset that these young, brave women have been silenced. That the insanity of the LGBTQ community has been once again deleted,” Hernandez said

“Twitter deleting national news is not okay” she remarked.

“This is who Twitter silenced when they deleted my podcast account. Not me. The brave NCAA athletes who have been speaking out against Lia Thomas. I spoke to this athlete and she was scared to put her entire swimming career on the line but she was still brave enough to expose the truth,” she concluded.

Hernandez vowed to press on reporting about the trans-mob despite her ban.

The radical Left is trying to shut down anything that contradicts their pro-trans insanity.

Hernandez’s reporting exposed what a farce the Lia Thomas situation is.

Big Tech has been dropping the hammer on anyone who points out the biological facts of gender.

The Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk had their Twitter accounts suspended for pointing out that Biden’s health secretary Rachel Levine is a man.

It appears pointing out biological reality is becoming the next form of so-called “misinformation” on Big Tech platforms.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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