The radical Left is trying to cancel Melania Trump with this jaw-dropping move

Melania Trump was an exemplary First Lady with her efforts to help others.

The radical Left is trying to take out anything Trump.

And they’re to cancel Melania Trump with this jaw-dropping move.

Melania Trump used her role as First Lady to try and improve the lives of children.

She started the Be Best initiative which improved the lives of kids by advocating against cyberbullying and using drugs.

Since she was the First Lady of the Left’s biggest enemy, her well-intentioned efforts to help children were attacked by the corporate-controlled media.

Now that she’s a private citizen again, she’s still working on her charitable efforts for children.

Her new effort is Fostering the Future which looks to help kids through educational and scholarship opportunities.

As part of her work with Foster the Future, she tried to fund scholarships for a school in Tulsa, Oklahoma focused on computer science.

An agreement was set up for funds to be transferred to the school to their designated scholarship fund.

Then in a disgusting display of disregard for the learning of children, the school refused to accept the money.

The Cancel Culture Mob was so desperate to try and hurt Trump, they stopped an attempt to help children learn.

Even worse, Melania offered to make the donation anonymous to avoid the controversy but the school still rejected it.

She said, “It was made clear to me that the school’s Board of Directors organized a politically-motivated decision.”

Lamenting on the cancel mob’s disgusting behavior she said, “Supporting children is not, and should never be, part of a political agenda. Imagine the opportunities we could create if we all worked together to support our children and committed to helping them fulfill their hopes and dreams.” 

“Those who attack my initiatives and create the appearance of impropriety are quite literally dream killers. They have canceled the hopes and dreams of children by trying to cancel me,” she remarked.

This becomes the latest in the Left’s disgusting actions to go after Melania’s non-political charity work.

While serving as First Lady, she tried to donate Dr. Seuss books to an elementary school library in Massachusetts.

The school librarian in a blatant political move rejected the books.

Then the librarian offered up the woke excuse that “Dr Seuss’s illustrations are steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes.”

More recently the Left attacked her for a charity event for foster children in Florida as being non-compliant with the state’s charity laws.

The radical Left is so hell bent on doing anything to hurt President Trump they’ll put non-political charitable work in their crosshairs.

Thankfully, Melania is going to keep her charitable work going and remains upbeat.

This attack shows that there’s nothing too low for the Left to stoop to in their political war against the Trumps.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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