The radical Left is coming after Fox News with this underhanded tactic

Fox News is an oasis in the liberal-dominated media.

The Left wants to silence anyone that doesn’t toe their line. 

Now the radical Left is coming after Fox News with this underhanded tactic.

Fox News has the Left seething with rage for being a sane voice in the wilderness of the corporate-controlled media. 

They know their bankrupt ideas can’t stand up to any criticism so they’ve gone all in on silencing their critics.

For years, the Left has run aggressive cancel campaigns to try to get advertisers to drop their commercials on Tucker Carlson and other top-rated Fox news shows.

Now, the radical Left is setting their sites on shutting down Fox News’s popular website.

NewsGuard claims to be a resource that helps fight back against online misinformation by giving “trust ratings” to websites ranking them on how accurate their information is based off of NewsGuard’s far-Left bias.

Misinformation is the liberal buzzword for speech the Left doesn’t like which they use to paint the target for censorship.

And NewsGuard is one of the Left’s go-to means to drop the hammer on conservative speech.

In practice, NewsGuard acts as a way to discredit and police conservative media by claiming which sites are reliable and which can’t be trusted.

A web browser extension allows users to see “nutrition labels” the company assigns to news websites based on if they are meeting NewsGuard’s liberal definition of being trustworthy.

A website with a green label is deemed trustworthy while a red label signals the site is fake news.

NewsGuard’s infiltrated schools, libraries and businesses in effort to police the speech of conservatives. 

Now, Fox News’ website has been slapped with the red label after avoiding their scrutiny.

NewsGuard claims that Fox “published numerous false and misleading claims, including about politics and COVID-19,” and that it doesn’t “regularly correct or clarify errors.”

This red label comes after leftist activists launched a major new pressure campaign against advertisers on Fox News’ site.

The activists are hoping to use the red label to convince advertisers to abandon the site claiming that advertising on sites pushing misinformation is dangerous for their brand.

While NewsGuard claims to be fighting against online misinformation, the company and its leadership have pushed numerous bogus stories to help the Left.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) blew the whistle on NewsGuard earlier this year after the Pentagon tried to enter into a contract with the company.

“NewsGuard has an extreme partisan bias,” said Banks. “NewsGuard’s co-CEO, Steve Brill, claimed there’s ‘a high likelihood that this [Hunter Biden laptop] story is a hoax, maybe even a hoax perpetrated by the Russians.’ NPR and the New York Times both received a 100/100 credibility rating from NewsGuard, after dismissing the New York Post’s verified reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. According to reporting from the Washington Free Beacon, NewsGuard’s staff overwhelmingly supports the Democrat Party: ‘Twenty NewsGuard executives and advisers have contributed to Democratic candidates since 2015, with only six giving to Republicans.’”

It remains to be seen if this tactic works but the Left is developing terrifying new ways to try to silence their critics. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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