The power-hungry and demented overlords are far from done with COVID and you won’t believe this country’s bone-chilling next step

In case you haven’t noticed the world has gone mad.

Omicron is sparking new power-grabs.

And the next step from this country’s power-hungry and demented overlords will chill you to the bone.

Australia is implementing COVID camps, while New York is drafting legislation to do the same and Joe Biden is trying to deploy the U.S. military to “help” with vaccinations.

But Austria may have just eked past Australia and all others in the contest for the most COVID power-mad government in the world.

Austria is hiring thugs to track down innocent Austrians who do not get vaccinated by February, in the latest bone-chilling example of absolute COVID insanity.

Innocent Austrians are facing fines up to $8,000 U.S. dollars for non-compliance once the deadline passes, and those who won’t pay the fine will be thrown in jail for 12 months.

Along with being fined and thrown in jail, those who are in jail are forced to pay for their own time in prison.

Austria may have just eked past Australia for most Covid-mad government in the world.

Now it looks like the Austrian government wants to take it one step further and absolutely ensure those who aren’t vaccinated are paying their fines like good little citizens.

The Austrian government has announced it is hiring people to “hunt down vaccine refusers.”

It’s like a very odd twist on The Hunger Games, but it’s not a movie – it’s reality.

The burden for enforcing these unvaccinated fines falls to the Austrian employers, which seems to be why the government is finding it “necessary” to deploy a new army of “inspectors.”

You know, just to make sure the process is running smoothly.

It appears that the city of Linz in Austria has a relatively low vaccination rate among its residents with only 63 percent actually having received the vaccine.

So, in response, according to Swiss news outlet Blick the capital city of upper Austria “Linz now wants to hire people who are supposed to hunt down vaccine refusers.”

The inspectors are to check on whether or not those who do not get vaccinated really pay their fines.

If you’re intrigued by this type of thing, be forewarned that only Austrian citizens who are fully vaccinated or fully recovered from COVID are eligible.

“The job includes, among other things, the creation of penal orders as well as the processing of appeals,” according to the Blick report, adding that workers need to be “resilient” and willing to work a lot of overtime.

The “vaccine refusenik hunters” stand to earn about $43,000 U.S. dollar a year for their work.  Not a bad take home pay for being a total sell out.

If you’re chuckling and think this won’t happen in America just remember when we were told only 15 days to slow the spread.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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