The pack of lawyers pushing this UN scheme will leave you terrified

The Left has detailed plans to utterly demolish the very fabric of

Now there’s proof that the Bill of Rights is in their crosshairs.

And the pack of lawyers pushing this UN scheme will leave you terrified.

Behind almost every truly awful—and successful—movement in modern society you’ll find some university research obsessed lawyers.

It’s no accident that the “woke” concepts associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT) were hatched inside the halls of elite law schools.

Now those concepts have seeped through every level of society from kindergartens to the corporate workforce.

The radical Left now has a vast network of elites working to convince the masses that a treasured American right for two centuries should be put out to pasture.

Trump and deplorables are their excuse to gut Free Speech

An article in the New York Intelligencer sets up their case hiding Orwellian-style thought control behind popular mockery of Donald Trump supporters.

“Do You Have a Right Not to Be Lied To?” the headline queries. “The legal thinkers reconsidering freedom of speech.”

It’s an obvious effort to try to convince readers that they are too high brow to associate themselves with anything a lowly Trump supporter, so called “election deniers”, or anyone questioning the establishment’s draconian pandemic response.

Author Jeff Wise went as far as to claim that “these are extraordinary times”, calling for political overlords—specifically the globalist elites controlling the United Nations—to tell everyone how to think.

“It’s not just that lies have become more common in the age of MAGA, perverting the public’s ability to make informed decisions,” Wise claims. “It’s also that the societal norms holding lies in check have faded.”

In reality, elites are panicking after the working class realized their own political power when they sent Donald Trump to Washington, D.C. tasked with draining The Swamp.

“The Anglo-American tradition of free speech goes back centuries and during most of that time, information propagated no faster than a horse could gallop,” Wise argued.

“We don’t know whether those traditions formed can handle today’s immersive misinformation ecosystem,” he added. “Conservative talk radio, Rupert Murdoch–owned news outlets, and social media form a hermetic bubble in which a relentless drumbeat of lies is constantly reinforced.”

Instead, legal academics ranging from professors at UCLA to the University of Minnesota, all the way over to Oxford University in the United Kingdom are pushing for what they claim is a “broad human right to receive and transmit accurate information, as laid out in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

No doubt, those running the United Nations have already decided what qualifies as “accurate” information—and every word will support their leftist agenda.

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