The NFL thought they’d destroyed John Schnatter — but he got the last laugh

The Left has captured American institutions people once thought were impossible like the NFL.

John Schnatter stood up to them, calling foul on a disgraceful practice and paid a price.

But he just got the last laugh after the NFL thought they’d destroyed him.

Deviating from the woke Left’s ever-changing list of pre-approved opinions won’t just get you banned from social media – it can cost you your livelihood. 

Even if you put your blood, sweat and tears into starting your own company, you’re not safe from Cancel Culture. 

Now, Papa John Schnatter is explaining why his former company is losing money ever since they bent the knee to the NFL and forced him out. 

Back in 1984, John Schnatter sold his car and used the money to purchase restaurant equipment. 

He then converted a broom closet in the back of his dad’s tavern and began selling pizzas out of it. 

By 1993, his pies were so popular, he was able to take the company public. 

A decade after launching, Papa John’s had more than 500 nationwide locations, with that number tripling over the next few years. 

Schnatter grew Papa Johns to one of the leading pizza chains in the country, even securing a lucrative and sought-after deal with the National Football League. 

But in 2017, the founder of Papa John’s was pushed out of his own company by his Board of Directors, after he criticized the NFL for not cracking down on players kneeling in disrespect to the National Anthem. 

Since then, Papa John’s has been bleeding traffic and customers. 

“I think the traffic count’s less than what it was when I was there six years ago,” Schnatter claimed. “Over 40% of the stores are losing money.” 

Papa John believes the pizza joint is losing money because it’s lost its way – straying from the roots of the company’s founding. 

We built the whole company on conservative values,” Schnatter said. “If you run your life on principles you’re truthful and factual, and you have win-win mutual respect and you’re thoughtful and considerate, you’re going to win.”

The 2022 CPAC speaker says it was those same values that made him a target for the Left. 

“We used to say the pledge of allegiance to the country before meetings,” Schnatter said. “We ran our business on principles. We had the highest quality, we had the best service, we had the best culture, we were voted the best place to work in Kentucky. Papa John’s debunked every single element of the Left’s ideology. So unbeknownst to me, I had a giant target on my back just by being the American dream and the folks around me living the American dream.”

Schnatter says the company has moved now to being run by its legal and public relations department. 

He accuses the company of bending to woke politics. 

I think they’ve really lost their way,” Schnatter added. “It used to be an operational-driven company. Now it’s a lawyer, PR-driven company. They don’t run their company on principles and values.”

Schnatter was a speaker at CPAC this year, where he focused on the impact Cancel Culture is having on the business world. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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