The Let’s Go Brandon driver beat cancel culture when he made this announcement

Let’s Go Brandon is sweeping the nation.

The NASCAR driver that spawned that chant got dropped in the middle of the culture wars.

And he just beat cancel culture when he made this announcement.

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has had a whirlwind experience since his first victory on the track.

After winning at Talladega a reporter told him the crowd was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” when they were actually saying “F- Joe Biden.”

And thus the “Let’s Go Brandon” craze was born.

In the politically correct world of corporate sponsorships for his car and cancel culture Brandon was in a tough spot.

He tried to stay neutral on the situation to avoid turning off any potential sponsors.

The woke mob was out to try and cancel anyone who criticized their dear leader.

He told the New York Times that corporations were “nervous” about sponsoring him because of the “Let’s Go Brandon” controversy.

However he linked up with the perfect lead sponsor next season.

A new cryptocurrency LGBCoin also known as “Let’s Go Brandon” jumped in as his lead sponsor.

Everything looked good to go after NASCAR signed off the sponsorship with some minor changes to the LGBCoin logo on the car.

Then cancel culture hit NASCAR’s leadership and they pulled their approval of the sponsorship.

Now Brandon Brown is getting the last laugh on cancel culture after Let’s Go Brandon Coin found a way to sponsor him after all.

Brown signed an 8 figure personal endorsement deal for two years with the company.

He also received LGBCoin as part of his payment.

A press release from LGBCoin said the deal “will include personal participation in publicity events, videos, crypto conferences, racing-related events and more, though won’t include car decals.”

“I’m working to achieve my own American dream,” Brown said in a statement. “I’m humbled and thankful for’s reaffirmed support for my professional journey and their commitment to maintain a patriotic message.”

Since NASCAR has no approval over personal endorsements there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

The move will be sure to leave NASCAR’s increasingly woke leadership fuming.

They’ve tried to cancel anything leaning right denouncing the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants while allowing a “Black Lives Matter” logo on a car.

With a massive endorsement deal with LGBCoin Brandon Brown will cause the left to still be seething at NASCAR next race season.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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