The Left has set its sights on destroying one conservative social media outlet

Democrats are escalating their rhetorical attacks on right-wingers.

If they could, Democrats would immediately yank Fox News off the air.

Now the Left has set its sights on destroying one conservative social media outlet.

The Left has controlled the culture for so long, they freak out any time conservatives find a way around the gate.

When Rush Limbaugh took over political talk radio and other conservatives followed along, Democrats were outraged and wanted him off the air.

The Left has been trying to take down Fox News for decades after Rupert Murdoch discovered the “niche” audience of half the country.

Now conservatives are springing up on YouTube and podcasts, and the Left can’t handle it.

They’re particularly furious at the YouTube channel PragerU, the educational platform created by conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager.

PragerU offers bite-sized informational videos that express counter-narrative conservative views.

The channel has racked up nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube, which is terrifying for the Left.

PragerU director of Outreach Jill Simonian sat for an interview with the progressive publication, The American Prospect, and she fell into a common media trap.

Because the interviewer was cordial, Simonian did not expect the hit piece that was to come.

Simonian wrote in an op-ed:

“When I hung up the phone, I thought, ‘This is how folks on opposite sides should talk about issues together.’ I even sent her a thank you note saying how much I enjoyed our conversation — because I really did. I hoped the journalism tenets of accuracy and objectivity would result in an unbiased report of our conversation. How naive of me.”

Shortly after the interview, two hit pieces emerged at The American Prospect: “The Right Curriculum? How PragerU Infiltrates Schools” and “PragerU’s Newest Target: Kindergarten.”

One of the pieces argued that “seemingly innocuous PragerU videos are a gateway to explicit right-wing content.”

The Left has turned the thoughts of half the country into something taboo.

The far-left Gravel Institute created their own version of PragerU with videos presented by people like avowed Marxist economist Richard Wolff and other progressive fellow travelers.

To their credit, they’re trying to compete instead of censor, but the totalitarian mindset is the same.

In leftists’ eyes, if they don’t control all of the culture, then true progress can never be achieved, which justifies censorship and demonization of anyone they disagree with.

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