The inner workings of George Soros’ network just got exposed and the details of the strategy to take down America will make you furious

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The jarring impact of the far-Left and their “woke” corporate cronies’ efforts to remake the country have left many Americans disheartened.

But no one who considers themselves a flag-waving patriot should be walking around in a daze after this.

Because the inner workings of George Soros’ network just got exposed and the details of the strategy to take down America will make you furious.

Companies did not start pushing far-Left politics out of nowhere.

Political operatives have been making moves behind the scenes.

But Americans are sick and tired of getting lectured to by woke activists and companies on one issue after another.

People have slowly caught on to the scourge of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) scores.

BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street, the three biggest wealth management firms in the country, dangle money in front of companies based on their ESG scores – if companies pledge to go “green,” it helps them get more money.

ESG has become a problem because it has led to malinvestment, damaging pension and retirement funds.

But while Republicans have started to fight back against ESG, many have been blindsided by CEI.

Bullying companies to go “woke” with one infuriating tactic

The Corporate Equity Index (CEI) is a metric created by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in 2002.

The HRC, which receives millions in funding from George Soros, is the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the country, and they push every single far-Left political priority.

Based on the HRC’s CEI scoring, companies could lose out on investment from the big three assessment management firms.

According to the HRC website, the CEI criteria include Workforce Protections (5 points possible), Inclusive Benefits (50 points possible), Supporting an Inclusive Culture (25 points possible), Corporate Social Responsibility (20 points possible), Responsible Citizenship (-25 points).

Corporate Social Responsibility would include actions such as “[m]arketing or advertising to LGBTQ consumers.”

That would explain why companies are so aggressively pushing “wokeness” on the American people.

Recent controversy flared up over Bud Light entering into a sponsorship deal with transgender social media activist Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old biological male pretending to be a girl.

Not only has Mulvaney scored a one-on-one White House interview with Joe Biden, but he has gotten sponsorships from brands like Nike, Kate Spade, and perhaps most absurdly, Tampax.

Author and unofficial “woke” deconstructionist James Lindsay, who recently published “The Marxification of Education,” called CEI “an extortion racket, like the Mafia.”

He continued, “It doesn’t just sit back passively, either. HRC sends representatives to corporations every year telling them what kind of stuff they have to make visible at the company. They give them a list of demands and if they don’t follow through, there’s a threat that you won’t keep your CEI score.”

This is one glaring example of how a handful of powerful and motivated activists can completely distort the market

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